Angelina Jolie NOT Sexy In Vogue US December 2010

Angelina Jolie isn’t the woman that can be forgotten fast. Besides working all the time on her film roles, she also designs jewelry, does charity and tries to spend time with her big family. To add to this, she is often invited to cover fashion magazines which she always does with grace. Her latest photophoot for Vogue December 2010 issue looks great. Angelina looks fresh and beautiful on the cover.

angelina jolie

Despite the fact Angelina Jolie poses in corsets and her legs widely spread for Vogue December 2010 issue she does not look very sexy. Her extreme thinness isn’t attractive. Even with a bit of retouching she still looks unhealthy.

angelina jolie

In the interview for Vogue US December 2010 edition Angelina talks a lot about her family, partner Brad Pitt and children. She also reveals that she isn’t a good cook and her nine-year-old son Maddox is better in the kitchen than she is. He likes encouraging his mother telling her ‘Good job!’ when she makes breakfast.

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Angelina Jolie on Brad Pitt: “Well, he’s a handsome man. No, I think he’s an extremely sexy—extremely handsome and the most sexy. . . . When I think about him, I just think of the man who’s such a great friend and such an extraordinary father. And that’s when I fall, you know, when I have my moments of getting—whoarr!—caught up in how much I love him . . . it’s usually when I see him with the children.”

Angelina Jolie on her wardrobe: “As Brad’ll tell you—and my kids—apparently Mommy only wears black. I like to get up so every pair of pants goes with every top, every dress goes with every shoe. I’ve a very tiny closet. Brad’s always laughing at me. Some days, yes, I have the nightgown that looks like a dress that I can sleep in and pick the kids up at school. And maybe take a meeting if I switch into heels.”

Read the full interview in American Vogue December 2010 issue, on newsstands November 23rd.

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