Anne Hathaway Turns Goth For Interview Magazine Fall Fashion Issue

Anne Hathaway covers a September 2011 Issue of Interview Magazine and looks great in goth-style character the stylists have come up with. Actress changes from one designer dress to another for each shot looking stunning and mysterious.

Anne Hathaway Turns Goth For Interview Magazine Fall Fashion Issue

Anne Hathaway is often portrayed by fashion magazines as a sunny sweetheart in lovely dresses with her locks waved and curled all nice and smiles. However actress tries something new like turning goth for Interview Magazine Fall Fashion Issue. The Interview cover shows Anne with her face covered with lace veil while the spread features the black and white photo shoot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott with Hathaway changing from Dolce & Gabbana to Valentino, also sporting clothes and accessories from Alexander McQueen, Nina Ricci, Dior, Tom Ford, Chanel, Bottega Veneta, Maison Michel, Gucci, and Falke. The veil is New York Vintage. So now you see why it’s a Fashion Issue.

I must say I like to see Anne Hathaway in this vampish goth style, at least for a change. It’s nice to change a character once in a while for a photo shoot. Why not?

Anne Hathaway Turns Goth For Interview Magazine Fall Fashion Issue

The interview itself is pretty extensive and covers Anne Hathaway‘s earlier acting experiences as well as her newest role as Catwoman in a new Batman movie. This is what actress had to say:

On the scariest things to face as an actor: One is not taking full advantage of every opportunity-missing out on something for whatever reason, being distracted [...]. Look, Chris Nolan makes it so easy for you to act, so the thing that I’m terrified about right now is not living up to his expectations, which is actually a kind of uniform thing. Not living up to the expectations of the director is pretty terrifying. Being exposed as a fraud-that’s pretty terrifying. Then I think there’s a vanity aspect of it. All of a sudden, you walk on the camera, and your ass looks horrible . . . The last one I can live with, but the other two are way more important.

On criticism after Oscars performance: You know, it’s not like I’d had this big dream to do this thing, and it’s not like I had a set of skills I’d been honing for years and years that I was going to showcase on this night. [...] It’s actually been very nice because the critical reaction was what it was, but since then . . . Like, just today, I was sitting, having lunch, and a really nice Canadian couple on vacation with their daughter came up and made a point of saying, “We just loved you at the Oscars.”

On her work with initiative Girl Effect in Africa: Some amazing work has been done, though, through this organization called Berhane Hewan, and a lot of people are now coming out against underage marriage, so many of these young girls are now getting educated and lives in these villages are improving.

On fashion: My favorite fashion is daring. I love it as an art form. I love it when people are able to interpret thoughts and feelings on fabric or some kind of material.

Anne Hathaway goth outfits look great. There are some sheer fabrics, vintage lace, lovely voluminous details, and drapery. My favorite though is Nina Ricci dress so playful and beautiful.

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  • Goth isn’t really one of those styles that you can just switch into. If you look at her photos, while they are well set up and well shot – they are lacking the true feel of the culture. You can tell she just put on some black make up and took some photos.