Ashley Rickards for Annex December 2012

Famous American actress Ashley Rickards lands upon the cover of the November/December 2012 issue of Annex magazine. Besides being femme fatale for the magazine, she tells about her current and future roles, tattoes and life!
Ashley Rickards for Annex December 2012

Ashley Rickards on the Cover of Annex December 2012

The 20 year old “Awkward” star is spotted shining on the cover of the Annex magazine of November/ December 2012 issue. The young actress is being really gorgeous femme fatale in the accompaning photoshoots, in pitch black outfits! Meanwhile, she revealed to the magazine thoughts about her role in “Awkward” series, and her role as Jena and her misfortunes:

“I don’t know if I would have the same positive composure! If some of the things that are thrown at her were thrown at me, it’s likely that I would respond sarcastically and then launch a twitter campaign against the perpetrator. #140CharacterWar.”, while she also reveals her secret plans about future roles:

“I would love to play a role that is someone I have not portrayed as of yet in my career. That, the variety in characters, is what I aim for and seek the most joy from in my projects”

Ashley Rickards for Annex December 2012

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