Celebrity Fashion Flops

lady gaga meat dress

Celebrities often make a lot of fashion mistakes when they’re out in public. It would seem that they should always know how to dress their very best since they’re constantly in the public eye – when they make a mistake, EVERYONE sees it. But this is not always the case as they often succumb to different fashion flops that can cause great personal embarrassment.

katy holmes in sweatpants

Caught With The Wrong Clothes
When out in public, instead of wearing an exquisite and expensive outfit of a fashion designer, celebrities are often caught by the paparazzi wearing uggs, mismatched tops and bottoms, or even dirty looking, wrinkled sweatpants and gym shorts.

kim kardashian badly dressed

They could be strolling down the street with a cup of coffee and a bagel in their hand or outside of their apartment walking their dog and they think nobody is going to recognize them if they dress so sloppily. But that’s rarely the case. If they’re not in designer clothing, they invariably get caught and humiliated by flashing cameras.

zoe saldana

Bad Oscar Outfits
Celebrities are especially notorious for making fashion flops at huge events like the Oscars or Emmy’s. They often select a designer dress that just looks horribly on them, It’s usually too baggy or stiff and simply not color coordinated. They really look like a fish out of water at these main events. You would think this is the last place they’d want to be seen so poorly dressed. You wonder what they were thinking.

rihanna worst-dressed

Talk Show Mistakes
On the major entertainment and late night talk shows, celebrities are often caught with fashion blunders during their TV interviews. They routinely wear dresses much too short and tight that they can barely sit, and they’re constantly fidgeting and pulling the dress down over their legs.

emma watson david letterman show

Another common occurrence is when female celebrities wear a top that’s much too low cut and they reveal too much inappropriate cleavage for television. Either they do it intentionally to try to get more media attention the next day, or they’re truly unaware of just what their blunderous fashion choices say about them.

Even when the conversation turns serious about one of their recent divorces or an illness they’ve recently recovered from, these fashion mistakes remain at the forefront of the entire interview. TV viewers simply can’t ever forget or forgive these celebrities for making what seems like such an obvious fashion error that could have easily been prevented with a little more thought beforehand.

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  • Ok, so this article seems to be written by an 50 yo gay guy.
    Since when celebreties are obligated to a dress-code for when they go buy milk and peanuts?
    Don’t we enjoy going out in flip-flops when all we have to do is crossing the street? Well, guess what1 I think they like that too.

    BTW, we all know Gaga wears odd stuff all the time, why would this meat thingy be a mistake? From her style point of view, this would be the climax of her dressing-madness.

    That would be all, thank you…

  • what a shocking photos……oh man keep up the wonderful work

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  • Good work. Unknown mistakes by well known people.

  • Low cut tops, short and tight dresses, …
    That’s why men also watch talkshows.

  • In my opinion, it’s stupid to think that celebrities should be all pampered and dressed up all the time. Everyone likes to just be comfortable, but they can’t do that without it being a fashion mistake!! Wake Up People and quit judging by what others wear. Just let them live their lives how they want!!

  • dude, what the hell are you wearing gaga? OMG!!! Love the heels, rihanna. ummm emma, before coming out, pls check ur dres, in the mirror. Ur fame is, idk, shit of damn.oh hey, gaga. is ur dress made up of meat? I’m wondering that u kinda eat a bit of them, right?

  • i think kim looks cute. katie looks adorable. i ont like emma watso so nothin nice to say about that bt the dress is cute.
    simple look…its what really matters

  • kim looks hot when does she not look hot

  • kim looksn hot when does she not look hot she is a Kardashian they are all very good looking

  • Emma looks cute ….nice smile too

  • Ha ha ha ….. never thought that celebs could look this funny!!!

  • Celebrities are normal people, just like everyone else. Therefore, like everyone else, once they are not going to a formal event, they have the right to dress casually. It is ridiculous to expect them to be dressed to the nines just to go shopping for groceries or fresh produce!

  • I’m with you freya77. What’s wrong with the Dash girls? People do actually have a right to go pick up their dry-cleaning without being decked out in Galliano.

  • i like Kardashian’s look, she is very natural and wears casula clothes, not a mistake at all.

  • I don’t understand why celebrities are being criticized over what they choose to wear. I mean, they never signed up to be put under a magnifying glass. We’re free to wear whatever we want, so why aren’t they? It’s just sad to see that people have enough time on their hands to bash other people’s fashion choices.

  • They are all stupid.

  • kim looks cute as well as kourtney. emma’s dress ia aight and katie looks wonderful. Now what is the big fuss about?

  • I think that kim looks great…if you think you dress better take a picture of yourself and post it! then wait for all the comments. Besides, not everyone has to look “stunning” 24/7.

  • I love it how Angelina Jolie dresses when she is at home.

  • On this Pic Kim looks natural…

  • Totally agree with your assessment of fashion flops. These bloopers certainly don’t add a sparkle of glamour to those celebrities. But may I suggest that there is one exception shown here? Emma Watson does look both fabulously demure yet delightfully coquettish in the shot from Letterman featured on this page. Is this purposeful self-promotion as you hint at? Whatever, Emma’s sense of drama and fashion certainly impresses here!

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  • sometimes in life we have to give up some things in order to live and be happy ounce again they are humannnnnnnnnnnnnn not because your in the healthy life style you have to be all b**** up and s*** get a life they are human

  • It’s good to be your self then to be someone behind A mask all the time… NATURAL TELLS IT ALL .

  • what bull shit their nothing wrong with the cloths they are wearing except 2 of then who trying to be the white and the red queen of alice the wonderland but other they are just enjoying the day like normal ppl…with casual clothes

  • i like

  • Rhianna looks like an action man and emma dress is gorgeous but maybe a bit tooo see through if it was a darker colored fabric to make the tint darker and the outlines were maybe white that would look even better :) I <3EMMA