Emma Watson Reveals Everything About Her Life And Career (Vogue US July 2011)

Emma Watson looks vamp on the cover of the new Vogue US issue (July 2011). It seems like the photographer has revealed something new in Emma Watson, something we have never seen before. She is no longer that cute English rose we used to see in her. She is a gorgeous, sexy woman who knows what power her looks can have when she wants it.

Many people envy Emma Watson (Check out Emma Watson’s bio) thinking she has everything one can ever want. But only few really understand that she has deserved all this by working hard. This girl has been shooting films since the age of 9 which means she didn’t have much time for usual kids’ games and pastimes. She had to sacrifice all these to her future successful career. When she grew older and finished school she knew she wanted to get good education and that of course brought complications as she could hardly both study full-time and play her ongoing Hermione role. And again she did it all spending little time for herself and dedicating all the rest to her duties. Sounds hard, doesn’t it? This is what Emma Watson reveals to an interviewer of Vogue US (July 2011 issue). No, she doesn’t complain, she just tells everything as it is.


In a candid interview for Vogue US July 2011 edition Harry Potter star Emma Watson talks about different things that are important for her. She shared on painting and her favorite artists (By the way, Emma is capable of painting, too!), close friendship with Daniel Radcliff (They even helped composing texts to their most recent flames!), on being similar to Hermione in personality, and many other interesting things. To tell you the truth, some of the facts in the interview came as great revelation to me. I think I even want to follow Emma Watson’s example in some aspects of my life. She’s really, really gorgeous.

Now some highlights from the interview:

Emma Watson on love and relationships: “I’m a feminist, but I think that romance has been taken away a bit for my generation. I think what people connect with in novels is this idea of an overpowering, encompassing love—and it being more important and special than anything and everything else. I would love to not date someone in the same industry as me. Otherwise it becomes what it means to everyone else.”


Emma Watson on fear of failure: “I’ve probably earned the right to screw up a few times. I don’t want the fear of failure to stop me from doing what I really care about.”

Emma Watson on finally being herself and using the choices life offers to her: “I’m going to do what I want to do. I’m going to be who I really am. I’m going to figure out what that is.”

Emma Watson on living in a ‘bubble’ in her early years: “I have had no control over my life. I have lived in a complete bubble. They found me and picked me for the part. And now I’m desperately trying to find my way through it.”


Emma Watson on spending hours in the makeup trailer: “That was my playground. I would sit and play with lipsticks, foundations, and eye shadows; and every now and then Amanda would let me do the extras’ face paint for the Quidditch matches.”

Emma Watson on being close to Hermione’s personality: “Hermione is so close to who I am as a person that I’ve never really had to research a role. I’m literally rediscovering what it means to be an actress.”

Emma Watson on her friendship with Daniel Radcliffe: “He understood what his role was, not just as an actor but as the leading man in this enormous franchise. And I think that was almost more important in a way. He held it all together. I am very grateful for him.”


Radcliffe comments on this: “[We were] very much like brother and sister, and when one or the other of us was having a tricky moment in our lives, it was often that we would confide in each other. We would also help each other with relationship advice; particularly funny were the moments when we would help each other compose texts to the most recent flames in either of our lives (not too flirty, but not too subtle either!). It was certainly a case of the blind leading the blind, but it was extremely funny.”

Emma Watson on struggling to have good education: “I have felt for the last ten years I have had this battle; I’ve been fighting so hard to have an education. It’s been this uphill struggle. I was Warner Bros.’ pain in the butt. I was their scheduling conflict. I was the one who made life difficult.”

Emma Watson on realizing she wasn’t able to handle everything and be good at it: “I just realized at one point that I can’t fight everything. I have to move in the direction of it—and go with it. […] I decided I would do it well.”


Emma Watson on supporting young fashion designers: “I thought, If people are going to write about what I’m wearing, then I would wear young British designers who need the publicity.”

Emma Watson on her work for People Tree, a fair-trade clothing organization: “I didn’t realize what I was taking on. I was doing twelve-hour days on Harry Potter and then coming home to work for two more hours, sizing and cutting designs.”

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