Eva Longoria for “Cosmopolitan for Latinas” March 2013

Fabulous Eva Longoria appears on the cover of ‘Cosmopolitan for Latinas’ Magazine of the March 2013 issue. One of the “Desperate Housewives” star talks about politics, family and relationships! Let’s take a closer look on what this beautiful actress has to say!
Eva Longoria for Cosmopolitan

Eva Longoria for Cosmopolitan

Eva Longoria, most known for two of her major roles, as Isabella Braña on the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless from 2001 to 2003, and as Gabrielle Solis on the ABC television series Desperate Housewives has resurfaced on the cover of the popular magazine! This time it is the “Cosmopolitan for Latinas” for March 2013. The thirty seven year old actress is keeping the secrets of her youth to herself, while revealing other important issues of her life.

Currently she has been really busy with her acting career, as there are several movies with her to be released later this year, including “A dark truth” and others. However, apart from that you should know, that the actress has been really involved into politics:

I’ve been studying the Constitution for myself but also as a way for me, as a Democrat, to comprehend the Right. I think it’s important that people who are politically active understand both sides. One of my biggest pet peeves is speaking out of ignorance.”

This is of course said in regards to the fact, that she has called the Arizona’s SB 1070 immigration law unconstitutional, which caused quite a debate. Her interest in politics has increased since she got a Master’s degree in 2010 from California State University, Northridge. During the 2012, she has been particularly active since she was one of seven Californians named to the post of co-chair of Barack Obama’s re-election campaign. Moreover, Longoria has spoken during the 2012 Democratic National Convention where she endorsed President Obama’s reelection.

Her deep interest in the migration policy might be connected with her own Spanish-Latin descent. As she said regarding the advice of her mother:

My mother gave me one piece of advice that’s always stuck with me. Don’t forget where you came from.”

Eva Longoria for Cosmopolitan

So, don’t you think that the active acting career sometimes makes visible other interests of a personality? Some go book writing, some into fashion industry and some just end up being a politician and an activist!

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