Helena Bonham Carter Covers Vogue’s Ageless Style Issue

Vogue UK dedicated their July 2013 issue to Ageless style, which ‘celebrates women who possess a distinctive style that transcends age’. The magazine chose an extravagant Helena Bonham Carter for the cover, on which she looks absolutely stunning though very much retouched. The actress wears a Ralph Lauren dress and an Agent Provocateur corset while her hair is untypically sleek and decorated with a feather head piece.

Helena Bonham Carter Is Cover Star Of Vogue UK’s Ageless Style Issue

Helena Bonham Carter On Cover of Vogue UK's Ageless Style Issue

Helena Bonham Carter on the cover of Vogue UK’s Ageless Style Issue

The actress was photographed by the famous fashion photographer duo Mert & Marcus. The photoshoot is mostly in black and white showing Carter wearing corsets and dramatic hats. I loved the styling as it’s quite reflective of the actress’ style and is  yet refined. In the interview she talks about learning from her roles, about being a mom and an actress, and her husband Tim Burton.

She says:

The research is what I get off on. My mom is a psychologist and I’m very similar to her. I love the challenge of working a character out. Ultimately, I don’t agree to do a film because I think it’s going to be a success. I do it because I think I’m going to learn something from the character I’m playing. I’m not sure what yet, but I know I am going to learn something from Elizabeth [Taylor]. I know that, somehow, I’m going to grow as a soul from playing her.”

Helena Bonham Carter On Cover of Vogue UK's Ageless Style Issue

Helena Bonham Carter for Vogue UK’s Ageless Style Issue

The star also did a movie with Johnny Depp (again) called the The Lone Ranger and said she learnt to fire a double-barelled shotgun from a prosthetic leg;

It’s frighteningly empowering firing a gun, you know? I’m afraid I learnt that too…

Carter has always drawn attention not only with her roles but quirky style. Everything about her style is extravagant starting with the tousled locks to tattered, corseted, and draped dresses to eye-catchy accessories. Regardless of being a regular on the various worst-dressed lists the actress stayed true to her style and even got a fashion gig in 2011 with Marc Jacobs.

Take a look at Helena Bonham Carter’s style:

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