Kanye West Crosses Fashion Boundaries by Wearing Clothing Designed for Women

Men have surprised us with their fashion choices a lot recently (Just recall Lenny Krawitz’s wedge boots!!!), but I still cannot get used to it. The last to amaze public and cross fashion boundaries was Kanye West, who’d appeared at Coachella festival last weekend wearing an outfit from Celine Womenswear collection (Spring/ Summer 2011). Kanye looked great though.

kanye west coachella festival

This shift of fashion from purely feminine and masculine to something unisex is interesting in many aspects. For me it is the opportunity to explore the new world, show those sides of my personality which I liked to hide before. However, I can’t say I’m totally absorbed with the new move. I still prefer romantic womanly dresses and super-high heels. Just let’s see what it all turns into. Maybe, soon we’ll admire men rocking miniskirts.)))


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