Kate Moss With Summer Charm For Vogue UK June 2013

British supermodel Kate Moss landed on the cover of  Vogue UK for June 2013 edition. Gathering all her summer charm, the model appears dreamy on the cover of the magazine. The June 2013 will be out along with debut of Miss Vogue magazine, with beautiful Cara Delevingne on the cover. While Vogue UK is trying to incorporate the youth-oriented version of the magazine, let’s focus on the bigger sister that features Kate Moss as a covergirl.

Kate Moss For Vogue June 2013

Kate Moss For Vogue June 2013

Kate Moss For Vogue UK June 2013

During her long modeling career no one ever paid attention to her gaze. Now highlighted by thick eyeliner and false eyelashes, her misaligned eyes are sort of obvious. This condition is visible when a gaze is trying to focus on something, and one eye is looking at the object while the other is looking a little bit to the side.

Kate Moss as youthful as she was 20 years ago appears on the cover of British Vogue June 2013 issue. Posing once again for photographer Patrick Demarchelier in Christopher Kane silk-organza and PVC top she is rather dreamy-looking with the Bridget Bardot look, inspiring the 1960′s fashion memories.

Kate Moss was born in UK in 1974, and was discovered in 1988 at age of 14. From her 20 year career she has been doing a lot of activities both fashion and non-fashion related, including charity work for several organizations.

However, we all have our minor imperfections and the misaligned eye condition  didn’t stop Kate Moss from being the most famous British model alive. Actually this cover shot is her 32 Vogue cover appearance and she hasn’t change even a bit, only becoming more elegant and mature and all thanks to her fitness program, healthy dieting and motivation.

As mentioned earlier, the Vogue UK for June 2013 edition will come along with a free debut magazine oriented for youth, Miss Vogue starring another British model, Cara Delevingne. Meanwhile, Kate Moss with the heavy eyeliner and messy blond hair is inspiring the summer mood. Take a deep breath and get inspired by the new Vogue UK that is all about summer!

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