Lady Gaga & Marc Jacobs Grace V Magazine #67 Issue

We know nothing about how come these two got to the cover of V Magazine #67 issue but they seem to be a strange couple. Lady Gaga prefers more eccentric fashion and Marc Jacobs is a designer who focuses on more or less classic pieces.

Marc Jacobs and Gaga do the prestigious New York issue of V magazine. Mark looks elegant and sophisticated on the cover while Gaga is all about her usual extravagance. She wears a sexy black lingerie ensemble, a huge puffy skirt and absolutely enormous crazy high boots.

lady gaga marc jacobs v magazine

Among the details that I’d like to mention here you’ll see an old TV, a supermarket trolley and a yellow piece that reminds me of a torch that the Statue of Liberty helds in her hand. I can’t wait to see the other photos from the issue.

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