Meet Jennifer Lopez – The Model (Tous Jewellery Ad Campaign)

Jennifer Lopez (See Lopez’s photo gallery), who sells millions of her albums, stars in blockbusters and launches one collection of perfume and clothing after the other, decided to try a new sphere for her – modeling. No, she is not planning to walk the runway, of course! She is to grace ad campaign for Tous Jewellery. She’s done the photoshoot already. And you definitely need to see it because Lopez looks gorgeous on the photos!

jennifer lopez tous jewellery campaign

The photoshoot for Tous jewellery campaign was done in the oriental themed shoot. Jennifer Lopez appears wearing beautiful silk dresses complemented with earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings from the new Tous collection.

My best advert for Tous jewellery is with Jennifer styled and dressed like geisha. The jewelry pieces look fabulous here. Impressive.

Which pic do you like?

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