Mila Kunis Charming for Marie Claire April 2013

Young actress, Mila Kunis is looking at us from the charming Marie Claire magazine cover of an April 2013 issue. American beauty, apart from being gorgeous on the cover, reveals her secrets regarding her future plans, her aspiration and the new movie, Oz the Great And Powerful. Let’s check out her thrilling confessions!

Mila Kunis for Marie Claire April 2013

Mila Kunis Covers Marie Claire Mag for April 2013

First of all, Mila Kunis is quite tired from her recent major work, and of course we speak of her commitment to “That 70′s show”. Young actress confessed, that now when the show is long over, she doesn’t want to be involved with something that lasts so long! Moreover, she also confessed, that after the show she has thrown herself into trying out for various movies, just to prove she can be better than that:

When ’70s ended I went on a mission to prove everybody wrong. I read for movies I would never do. I auditioned for everything, just to show I could do it. I needed to prove I was capable of doing things other than – forget comedy – other than a TV show.

Mila Kunis for Marie Claire April 2013

Now, with such a diverse filmography as hers she can proudly say that her popularity is escalating. She does claim that she has changed, well of course – who wouldn’t after such an exhausting schedule?

To say my life hasn’t changed would be a lie. It has changed, I don’t really know how. I can’t complain, nor am I complaining, but I can’t leave my house as freely as I used to. But I’ve also traveled a lot for work, so that’s changed. I have been very lucky.

Mila Kunis for Marie Claire April 2013

Mila’s latest appearance is in just released Disney movie, Oz the Great And Powerful, where she plays one of the three witches. However, to pause and think of it, what did that sky rocketing popularity would do to such a young beauty? Well, unlike many others, Kunis confessed that she started to be more strict with herself. Apparently, Mila does understand that to be such in demand actress, she always has to be in control.

Lately, more. But I’ve always said that it is much easier to be honest than to be caught up in a bunch of lies. At least this way, you know who you are.

Meanwhile, she also confessed that she wants to be involved with other projects, and said she has already planned her schedule by mid-2014! Mila wants to explore more aspects of the movie industry and maybe even try herself out in music. What a hectic life she has, don’t you think?

Mila Kunis for Marie Claire April 2013