Scarlett Johansson and Lily Collins in Harper’s Bazaar Editorial

Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson

Harper’s Bazaar gathered a wide range of beautiful women in September 2013  issue’s editorial called Singular Beauties. Harper’s Bazaar US‘ Global Fashion Director Carine Roitfeld chose Karl Lagerfeld to lense the beauties and, boy, what an amazing collaboration it was! You will be fascinated by every single photo the maestro shot. Read on to find out who is featured in the editorial and what clothing pieces stressed the natural appeal of the ladies.

Harper’s Bazaar Editorial: Singular Beauties

Definition of beauty has always been a very personal issue. People from various cultures interpret beauty in distinct ways. This is what must have served as inspiration for Carine Roitfeld, when she was working on the idea of the new editorial. What you will immediately spot in the images is a great diversity of women, charming and appealing. Each of them has her own zest that captures one’s attention and doesn’t let go anymore. Whether it is a blonde with snow white skin or a tanned brunette, all the celebrities starring in the photoshoot shine and hypnotize with their incredible looks.

Scarlett Johansson rocks a glowing maxi dress in gold, gray cardigan and thick black belt, all by Prada. She looks very confident and even a little bit rebellious. As if trying to challenge you to some kind of an affair, she stands there, full of grace and splendor. I love her wind-blown hair as well as the bright red manicure.

Dakota Fanning rocks Louis Vuitton, which fits her a lot. Salmon pink coat with fur edges and spaghetti strap gown in camel would seem to mismatch, if it wasn’t Dakota who donned the ensemble. Tresses colored in pink go with the coat and add some edginess to her look. The American actress is obviously an icon to follow and adore.

Lily Collins
Lily Collins

Lily Collins, in this very girly outfit, reminds me of Alice in Wonderland and Pippi Longstocking mixed in one. She dons a polka-dotted pink coat and a matching jacquard dress by Miu Miu. Her fairy-tale look is accessorised by a black belt, patterned neckerchiefs, striped socks and gray and black shoes. What I like the most about this outfit is an elegant black bag by Giorgio Armani.

A musician royalty Zoe Kravitz poses in a very sophisticated outfit. Multicolored fur coat, matching handbag and a pair of cute pointed tip shoes in black, all by Fendi, perfectly match the classic Saint Laurent plaid dress. I love the colors and how they complement each other. There is definitely something in this outfit that caught my eye and made me look back at it again and again. Whether it is Zoe’s look, full of mystery, or the intricate design of the her outfit, but I can’t help searching for more details and highlights.

If you think, that the only celebrities starred in the editorial are ladies in their twenties, you are awfully wrong. Other photos feature Carmen Dell’Orefice and China Machado, who are 82 and 83 years old respectively! Would you also like to pose for Karl Lagerfeld in clothing pieces by the most luxurious brands at the age of 80?

Other faces that you will spot in Harper’s Bazaar’s newest editorial include Liya Kedebe, Linn Arvidsson, Ondria Hardin, Soo Joo Park, Karen Elson and Gabourey Sidibe. One thing all of these women have in common is beauty – both inner and outer. They live in harmony with themselves and enjoy every moment of this life. Check the gallery for more incredible photos to choose the look you like the most.

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