Top 10 Interesting March Magazine Covers

March has just started, however, we already have a magazine cover roundup for you! Today we are going to take a quick glance at the most amazing celebrity looks, as they appear on the hottest covers for magazines of March 2013!

Most Amazing Magazine Covers of March 2013

As March is already here, you should be able to navigate in the world of current celebrity cover stories, and today we are giving you an awesome roundup of the most hottest magazine covers for the current month, starting the countdown right now!

1. Teen Vogue

Top 10 Most Awesome March Magazine Covers

We will start with Chloe Moretz, a young rising Hollywood star, who appeared on the cover of Teen Vogue March edition in a gangsta dreamy outfit. In this sort of bold look where she appears both glamorous and daring.

First of all, on the cover of the magazine, she is wearing tulle skirt and denim jacket with gray sleeves, with lots of metal accessories. The later cover pictures also reveal her daring outfits, featuring the amazing combinations.

2. Instyle

Top 10 Most Awesome March Magazine Covers

Our next celebrity style is actually a trio! Rachel Weisz, Michelle Williams, and Mila Kunis appear on the cover of InStyle March Magazine, awaiting the premiere of Oz the Great and Powerful. The reason why they appear together on the cover, is that they play almost the same characters – the wicked witch sisters in the upcoming movie.

The girls are quite lovely and cute on the cover, wearing pink and baby blue outfits while on the inside of the cover story they are going for the geometric retro style of the sixtees!

3. Allure

Top 10 Most Awesome March Magazine Covers

Mila Kunis does show a steady affection for the retro style, as she also portrayed it during the Allure Magazine cover photo-shoot, also for March 2013.

4. Harper Bazaar

Top 10 Most Awesome March Magazine Covers

Drew Barrymore appears fantastic on the cover of Harper Bazaar. The actress looks stunning in the Louis Vuitton outfit. In the cover story she talks about keeping secrets while being pregnant and other motivating things.

5. Cosmopolitan

Top 10 Most Awesome March Magazine Covers

Now, actors aside, we have some models and singers to talk about. Quite a surprise came when the cover shoot of Cosmopolitan appeared, with Miley Cyrus as a super-hot babe. In the cover shoot she is wearing a amazing white suit, which doesn’t hide her perfect tummy. She shows off her perfect body in a gorgeous white suit.

6. V Mag

Top 10 Most Awesome March Magazine Covers

Meanwhile, among other hot revelations for March would be the cover of V Magazine, where super-hot Rihanna poses with supermodel Kate Moss, in extravagant poses. Don’t they just look really cool in that photoshoot?

7. Elle Ukraine

Top 10 Most Awesome March Magazine Covers

Now, if talking about models, there is one amazing cover story with Coco Rocha. She covers Elle Ukraine edition, where she featured outfits from the most recent collections, such as the spring collections of Chanel, Prada, Valentino and others.

However on the cover she is wearing a gorgeous dress from Burberry, with a lovely vinyl bolero, which gives her somewhat futuristic appeal.

8. Lula Mag

Top 10 Most Awesome March Magazine Covers

Of more model inspiration came the cover of Lula’s Spring/Summer Issue, which portrays ecstatic Karlina Caune and Codie Young as the inspiration for the issue.

As you can guess, these beauties could not compete, so the Lulu magazine made two separate covers for both girls. Both models are posing rather dreamy, styled by Lucy Ewing. A true work of art!

9. Vogue Turkey

Top 10 Most Awesome March Magazine Covers

Patricia van der Vliet came as the inspiration for the 20′s of the last century, while she was posing for Vogue Turkey. The model looks perfect in Prada Spring 2013 white dress with pretty big flowers.

10. Vogue Russia

Top 10 Most Awesome March Magazine Covers

Now the last but not least March inspiration comes from Vogue Russia in a pretty cover story of Suvi Koponen, where she featured Saint Laurent spring 2013 collection. Suvi looks just gorgeous in the luxurious outfit, sparkling with exotic prints.

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