Kim Kardashian – No More One Shoulder Black Dresses

Kim Kardashian, who is known for her curvy figure and incredible fashion sense, has recently said she isn’t going to wear one shoulder black dresses any more.

Kim Kardashian 2010 Teen Choice Awards

The one shoulder style has been Kim’s favorite for a pretty long period. And black dresses have become the most common in her wardrobe. Those LBDs looked fabulous on the star but gradually we simply got bored by seeing the same thing again and again. Probably Kim Kardashian realized this at last and decided to change her red carpet options.

She tweeted:

I’m officially retiring the one shoulder black dress. Over it.”

I have collected several pictures of Kim Kardashian’s one shoulder dresses of various colors here. All of these she has worn this year. So, you can see what a huge fan of single shoulder style she is! Tell me which dresses you like best.

Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian Vanilla Cupcake Mix Launch

Kim Kardashian Heart Truth Fall 2010 Fashion Show in New York

Kim Kardashian Ocean Drive Magazines 17th Anniversary Party

Kim Kardashian Website Relaunch Party

Kim Kardashian Vegas Magazine Party

Kim Kardashian at Katsuya restaurant

Kim Kardashian 2010 Cosmetic Executive Women Beauty Awards

Kim Kardashian 2010 ABC studios

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