Any Beautiful Girl Can Become Face of Victoria Beckham’s Line

If you know you are beautiful enough to grace ad campaigns for designer brands just keep your eyes open and be ready to meet someone like Victoria Beckham who always looks for young talents to spot. This way she has found Alice Greczyn who now represents her denim and eyewear lines at a beach party.

If you are beautiful and charismatic you have a chance to become the face of Victoria Beckham’s line. Victoria has proved she doesn’t look for easy ways to promote her business. She avoids hiring professional models to do that. Instead she shows off her creations herself or finds a pretty girl on the beach for this mission.


This way Posh has spotted Alice Greczyn, who now represents Victoria Beckham’s denim and eyewear Spring/ Summer 2011 collection, at a Malibu beach party. The girl says she was lounging on the deck of the beach house in a bikini when the designer approached her and told she loved her freckles. Then she asked her husband David to take a few pictures of Alice.

Alice Greczyn told how it had happened:

I was immediately struck by [Victoria's] smile. You don’t often see her smiling in pictures, but it’s really kind. She then called over David and directed him as he took my picture. Amazingly I wasn’t nervous. She’s lovely and he’s such a gentleman – although it tickled me that David Beckham was taking my picture.”

Victoria and Alice exchanged their agents’ numbers and a week later Miss Greczyn flew to New York for the photo shoot.

Victoria is sure meeting Alice was ‘fate’:

I’m always on the lookout for inspiring girls and I believe in fate, so meeting Alice was meant to be. She embodies the spirit of my denim, is naturally beautiful and a perfect fit for the collection. I loved finding Alice – a young fresh talent.”

So, girls, keep your eyes open. Maybe you’ll be as lucky to meet someone who could turn your future into a dream.