Cigarettes No Longer In Fashion!!!

People make mistakes. But it’s so great when they tend to correct those. Carine Roitfeld, who’s worked as a fashion magazine editor for many years, has realized she’s done something wrong – she’s used too many images of celebrities and models smoking, this way propagandizing smoking as a good and sexy thing. I’m glad to tell you she’s come up with the decision to apologize and promise to never do it again.


Images of models and celebrities smoking have been used in fashion photography so widely that we started to consider it was normal. Moreover, for younger and more impressionable generation, mad about fashion, this was a clear signal that smoking was hot. But finally one person decided to raise the question, it’s Carine Roitfeld. She expressed her new attitude to cigarettes in a statement that meant smoking was no longer fashionable.

In a statement to the former Vogue Paris editor said she would never use a cigarette in any shoot again. Carine Roitfeld said there were many other ways to make a picture look interesting. These are her actual words:


Cigarettes are evil. And the fewer photographs with celebrities smoking we see the better. Let’s hope other fashion executives will follow Carine Roitfeld’s example.

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