Top 6 Shoe Collections For Spring/ Summer 2012

The list of Top 6 shoes collections for Spring/ Summer 2012 fashion season includes those ranges which are really special, those which we dream about and once we can afford them we wear with dignity.

Fashion for shoes is not as changeable as for clothing but every season we see certain styles come and go. It is normal and logical. For Spring/ Summer 2012 designers have offered plenty of designs to choose from. And it was really hard to pick out only 6 collections from dozens other lovely ranges. But these 6 are reflections of my own style and they are the sources of inspiration and dreams for me (Don’t think I’m a shallow blonde! I just love shoes so much I can barely breathe when I see just another perfect pair!).



I would start from Chirstian Louboutin shoes. They are the best for me. I know you would say it is banal but these shoes are really special. Yes, they aren’t very comfortable, and those heels are often hard to walk in but they are worth the pain we suffer. The designer was right. See Christian Louboutin Spring/ Summer 2012 shoe collection.


Manolo Blahnik
shoes are fabulous. They are more diverse in styles and colors and are perfectly comfy. Maybe they don’t look as impressive as Loubooutins but they certainly do look more feminine and delicate. See Manolo Blahnik Spring/ Summer 2012 shoe collection.


Gaetano Perrone
has released just one collection under his own name but it has already found its fans. It is not surprising at all considering the fact he has been creating footwear for Alexander McQueen for a few years. His shoes are spectacular – extravagant but incredibly beautiful in design they will soon appear on the red carpet as often as shoes of other exclusive brands. See Gaetano Perrone Spring/ Summer 2012 shoe collection.


I was impressed with Nicholas Kirkwood’s first footwear collection and immediately remembered the name of a young but very talented designer. His Spring/ summer 2012 range isn’t as impressive but it is womanly and chic and features amazing floral prints. See Nicholas Kirkwood Spring/ Summer 2012 shoe collection.


Prada has returned us to the ’50s fashion era with its clothing but shoes with those flame tips looked like they were ready to transport us back to the present at any time. See Prada Spring/ Summer 2012 shoe collection.


D&G Spring/ Summer 2012 collection seems a little out-of-place here due to the fact it is casual and shoes presented in it are far from being cute or elegant but don’t we all from time to time turn to comfier styles – flats, wedges, even sneakers? We do, and for such moments this range is ideal. See D&G Spring/ Summer 2012 shoe collection.

That’s my list of Top 6 Shoe Collections for Spring/ Summer 2012. Would you add any name to it?

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