10 Tips for short and plus size

If you are short and bulky you may experience plenty of problems with clothing.

Whatever you do you seem too big.

But in case the nature was cruel to you there are still ways to improve the situation and boost your confidence concerning your looks.

Here is some advice for you to help in choosing right garments.

1. Choose the clothes that fit you well.

2. Remember that your shoulders must look as narrow as possible, so they should be closely fitted.

3. Wear simple, uncluttered styling for blouses, tops and jackets to de-emphasize the top-heavy figure.

4. Prefer simple, soft draping.

5. Keep in mind your proportions. Select one color or a mix of soft tones for your garments.

6. Never choose bulky fluffy dresses, you’ll look even bigger wearing them. What you really need is a simple dress that will give you a longer line.

7. Wear heels but steer clear of too high heels either as you will look ridiculous.

8. For hose prefer black, navy and brown – they are good colors to hide heaviness.

9. Select clothing of a single color or tones of a single-color family for a leaner look.

10. If you long for prints chose medium solid ones rather than large, splashy prints.

Beware of the following choices:

• Skintight. When you wear too clinging clothes you look too bulky, all your imperfections are clearly seen.
• Loose clothing. As well as tight garments, loose ones look bad on you creating a bigger shape.
• Front-pleated trousers, or pleated or dirndl skirts.
• Pockets, neck/collar details, ruffles, pleats, gathers, tucks.
• Contrasting bold colors.

These are the most general tips for short and bulky ladies to create a slimmer look.

But you have to remember that even the best advice given in your absence may not be as helpful as the one from a person who looks at you and sees what fits and what’s not.

Take all these into account but focus on peculiarities of your particular shape.

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  • probably if the girl is fat she forgets about the beauty! that’s a petty!

  • big girls, you’re beautiful!
    plus size doesn’t mean ugly!
    big girls have a low opinion of themselves very often!

  • This website is soooooo goooood! I really love it!

  • Beautiful tips and great selection of photo! ;-)

    @Roza Probably you forgot your brain somewhere. Go to search it. Bye :)

    (by the way, I keep my sense of humor about everything but BSs)

  • Great tips Veronica!

  • what a dumb quote , 4th line in this acticle quotes ” nature was cruel ”

    Got nothing to do with Nature.

    Anyway, most of us men prefer women that are “plus”

    I want a women with curves. The ugliest thing on a women is to see the outlines of her bones.

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