13 tips for tall and thin

So many girls dream of being as tall and thin as catwalk models.

They admire them, envy them, think that nature favored them with such figures absolutely undeserved.

Probably girls of this shape really look well but in many cases they have to work hard to have the body that is a dream of millions.

And skinny girls know for sure that not all garments look well on them and they must choose carefully to avoid too long and lean look.

For the girls who are the type described these tips maybe helpful in the process of selecting clothes.
Things to remember:

    1. Dress in layers, they add interest and disguise thinness.
    2. Avoid wearing bare, short and clinging clothes.
    3. Create the illusion of fullness and softness. In summer when your thinness is the most seen wear soft, fluffy fabrics.

    1. Beware of garments with vertical stripes and patterns, for you will look even thinner than you are.
    2. Prefer wearing horizontally striped designs and patterns.
    3. Try to avoid wearing solid color even if it is your favorite.
    4. Long and sharp necklines are not for you.

Keep the very skinny parts under wraps. Cover your throat with a scarf, choker, high cowl neck or long hair. But steer clear of prissy bows and ruffles.

    1. Prefer suits to dresses or attires including skirts and blouses or sweaters. If you choose to wear a dress pay attention to the one with horizontal stripes, seams, etc.
    2. Avoid very wide skirts in plenty of pleats and gathers. You’ll look scruffy and old-fashioned. Choose more modern flared designs, skirts with accordion pleats, etc.
    3. Minimize use of padding on your shoulders.
    4. Don’t wear heels. If you do, select shorter ones.
    5. Prefer boots as they camouflage skinny legs under skirts.

13. Don’t wear heavy shoes. They’ll make your legs look even thinner.

I hope with the tips listed above you’ll experience less difficulty in choosing your outwear!

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  • thanks so much for the tips!!!

  • Thanks for the Tips, The Girls In My Schools Will Not like to hear Skinnny Jeans Are No Longer in as they have just started wearing them! I Dream of being a model when I am Older, But You Need very good Skin. Atleast UGG’s are still In! Thanks!

  • thanks for the advice im 6ft and i have trouble finding things that really flatter my figure, but i like ruffles.

  • this is such bullshit! just because you are tall and thin doesn’t mean you need to cover your body in shame and hide your slender frame!
    Wear what you feel comfortable, don’t let some stupid website tell you what to wear to make others feel comfortable. Chances are if you are skinny and tall you’re the envy of every single fucking female out there, flaunt it don’t hide it! I’m 5’11″ and weigh 108 lbs. Yes I’m skinny but I work the shit out of it. Plus I wear 4in heels everyday and dresses not pant suites to work!
    These aren’t 13 tips, these are 13 things to make you feel like shit about yourself! The author of this article is probably a fat fucker who is jealous of naturally tall and slender females.

    always remember: thin is ALWAYS in. work it.

  • this also really pisses me off. I am a 6’1 girl who does in fact model, but I love heels and flaunting my height… This is offensive. Those of us who are lucky enough to be tall should try to stand out, not blend in…

  • Thanks, this was really helpful. everyone else says ‘oh everything looks great if your skinny’ but like you say its simply not true. at 6ft 5 and size ten i am utterly miserable and generally confused about fashion…thanks again :)

  • I don’t mean anything by this but THESE COMMENTS WERE USELESS TO ME. I mean come on… I’m trying to show off the fact that I was blessed to be tall and skinny, not cover it up. I love my body and do not want to wear clothing or accesories to cover up the fact that I’m skinny. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a skinny girl wearing tall heels, that’s what models do. So what else you got for me.?

  • I totally agree with ‘bria naturallyskinny’ who posted above… being tall and skinny should be celebrated not the opposite! It’s crazy! celebrate how skinny you are! Honestly….. -_- it’s just ridiculous. If you’re tall and skinny wear anything you want because you can and you look great =)

  • um I’m tall and skinny and this “advice” sucks. I already feel weird about wearing heels and I love solid colors. Your a really mean person for writing this. Not the fashion advise I was looking for.

  • This article sucks! I want to flaunt it not cover it up. Why on earth would I want to disguise the bodyeveryone is jealous of?! Ridiculous advice.

  • im 5’11 n im 135 pounds n i love being tall im skinny im enjoying it, sometime i feel like i wish i could be thicker but being tall and slender is special and different why should we follow everyone else we should make a statement we are beautiful. we set the trend in fashion and modeling so why are we so down about our look when its our look that sells the clothes!

  • writer must be a fat sob….are you jealous or what?
    We have the height, the body…flaunt it.
    damn u

  • what do i wear to look pretty then ?

  • Being tall and skinny is everything, because its what sells the clothes!! so girls we should be standing out from the crowd, not blending in..and for the record atleast when it comes to finding the right sizes, for us it ain’t a problem spud on dat girls =D screw the author who wrote dis…damn you!!

  • This advice sucks all it really talks about is playing down the major aspects about our selfs that make us who we are, like really “don’t wear heels” they are going off the mindset that we hate our height and not that we just wanted to look for style that fit our awesome bodies.

  • These ‘tips’ are completely opposite of what you should do if your tall and skinny! Every girl wants to be skinny and show off their body so if you are tall and skinny you should be proud of it and wear whatever you want because you’ve got the body to do it! I’m 5’9 and not done growing!

  • This advice was conterproductive! Im 5’10 and 122bs – I love heels and skirts! Being slim and tall I’ve found these few tips to work for me…
    1. Belts belts belts…nonexistent to slender curves can be accentuated for the better with a belt placed right above the waist, but choose wisely some thick belts just look goofy!

    2. Mix fitted and wide…if you wear a fitted top wear a more loose fitting pant or skirt and vice versa…again will help add some curvature and accentuate our lean frame without looking like a pencil

    3. Layers if done properly will add some dimension…but don’t go overboard…Cardigans that hit just above the waist line will cut the frame and will look much better than one that goes to the butt – the longer cardigans only hide our slim physiques

    4. Heels can be sexy and awesome no matter how tall you are! As I former model I love love love a hot pair of heels…choose wisely though, I have thin calves so if I want to wear a heavy platform or heel I’ll pair it with a Long wide leg Jean or dres pants to cover the majority of the heel so my legs don’t look like Olive oil with those big clown shoes :)

    5. I have small feet (7.5) and thin calves, hence I have trouble finding boots that hug my calves and fit my tiny feet, my little trick is to wear leg warmers over my socks inside the boot to fill the dead space and still fit them without a huge gap

    Well hope my lil tips help a bit more than the “great” advice on the initial article!

    Remember – Never be ashamed to be you! For those of us who are born tall and thin – we are blessed :)

  • YooooooH…cooL this means a lot Hey!this is what ii realY need ..what a good tip.:)

  • I’m a 6 foot 2 inches tall man with a athletic build & I love very tall curvy ladies !! Please don’t listen to in style bullcrap !! I get very turned on seeing very tall ladies in 6 ” or more high heels & skirts & tight pants ! Its a rare sexy number of tall girls and I know a lot men like me . Your are blessed so please share it & be very confident of your sexy tall body !! A lot of men & me included are very attracted to ladies even taller than us !! Love you TALL LADIES , Lance

  • oh my God…thank you very much for the tips…this could help me very much….I’m 5 feet and 9 inches tall,and i want to become a model that is my greatest dream..somebody says they like my height but me i feel conscious with this..but thanks to the lord he had given me this gift..