How To Wear Sheer Trend

The sheer trend is big this season and as proved by 2013 Cannes Film Festival, it’s also very popular on the red carpet. But there is just one problem with it – the transparency. That is the thing, you’d say, but not everyone feels comfortable walking around showing off their underwear beneath the sheer skirt, top, or dress. What to do? How does one wear this trend without feeling exposed?

Tips On Wearing Sheer Clothes

Erdem Spring 2013 Look

Erdem Spring 2013

Sheer Strip

Choose the item with a sheer fabric strip but make sure that it doesn’t expose the areas you would like to keep hidden. Think sheer skirt hems, transparent midriff tops, and sheer skirt inserts.

Flesh-Toned Underwear

Flesh-toned underwear is a tricky thing. It might save you from exposing yourself but can also look awkward if it doesn’t match well with your skin tone. Make sure to carefully choose the slip or other underwear that will seamlessly match with your skin tone and won’t stand out against it and the sheer outfit.

Sheer Top

As we see it, a sheer top is easier to pull off than a sheer skirt. You can choose a top that has a covered up (embroidered, opaque) front and a sheer back or the one with sheer side panels. As for the skirt, we love the fading effect when the opaque skirt fades into a sheer hem or train or has a sheer insert Dior style.

Sheer Sleeves

You can always go for sheer sleeves if you want to wear this trend without showing too much skin. It’s a safe way to stay fashionable and, well, feel clothed.

There are quite a few ways of wearing the sheer trend and looking fab. If you are daring enough you can pull off anything. But if you want to try this trend without blushing these ideas may just be what you need.