Men’s Fashion Advice: How to Choose Classic White Shirt

A well-tailored white shirt can enhance your wardrobe more than you know. There are more ways to wear a white shirt than a tuxedo and suit. Wear it with jeans and cardigan or plaid jacket, wear it with shorts and vests. Think of its white crisp fabric as a black canvas which you can splash with color or your jacket or pants.

Men's Fashion Advice: How to Choose Classic White Shirt

What can be more classic than a white shirt? It a classic of classics. Wear a white shirt with a contrasting black or blue tie but when the working day is over get rid of it, unbutton the collar and make it boldly stick out your biker leather jacket. Wear it with a bright cardigan or roll up the sleeves and slip into a pair of shorts for a casual night out. There are many ways of sporting a classic white shirt, just keep it crisp and clean at all times and tweak your outfits to make it look different each time. There are also couple of tips and rules for choosing a white shirt:

  • Whether you are choosing a white shirt to wear with a suit or jeans and jacket the fit should be perfect. If it’s super slim design it still should be quite comfortable in motion.
  • The shirt worn with a tuxedo and the one worn on a daily basis will definitely differ in style, design, even fabrics so keep those things in mind when you are shopping for a perfect white shirt.

Men's Fashion Advice: How to Choose Classic White Shirt

Collar pin


  • Point collar is worn with a small knot tie and its points look down. A spread collar is worn with necktie, the spread points leave more space in between.
  • Button down collar has the buttons on its points that button up the collar to the shirt. Button collar is considered to be casual.
  • Winged tip collar has its tips folded like wings, winged tip collar shirts are usually worn with tuxedos. If you have a long neck you can opt for a shirt with a tab collar, which is higher than other ones and has a smaller spread.
  • Club collars have smaller rounded tips than the other collars. If you want to add a bit flare to your shirt accessorize collar with a pin that fastens the two points together.

Men's Fashion Advice: How to Choose Classic White Shirt

French cuff


  • Button cuffs are considered casual. So if you are going for a formal look French and barrel cuffs are your choice. Don’t forget to have a pair of classic cufflinks to wear with French cuffs.
  • Convertible cuffs can be worn either with cufflinks or buttons.


  • The sleeve length depends not only on the weather. Suits are always worn with long-sleeved shirts with cuffs peeking out of the jacket sleeves. The short-sleeved shirts are more casual and can be worn with jeans, jackets, and shorts.


  • Shirts with pockets are considered casual. If you wear suspenders or vest with a shirt make sure it doesn’t have any pockets if you want a sleek and clean look.


  • Buttons can be white or black in both formal and casual variants of the white shirt. Black buttons add a nice contrast to the crisp white shirt.

There are also such things to think about as fabric. If the occasion is formal then you might want to opt for a dressier fabric such as silk and if the shirt is for a casual wear then it’s more reasonable to go with cotton. The styles and designs in men’s and women’s white shirts are so various you have a huge range of options. White shirt might be high maintenance, but it really pays off in terms of style.

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