Men’s Fashion: How to Look Sharp and Stylish 24/7

Stylish men who are always busy need to look presentable if not impeccable. While you are working in a highly stressed environment this may not seem easy but there are ways to help yourself always look sharp and stylish.

Men’s Fashion: How to Look Sharp and Stylish 24/7

Men on the go always need to look sharp so knowing some rules will help you keep your style in check 24/7 can be quite handy. Now before we go into details on how to look sharp and stylish 24/7 I’d like to note that men’s fashion is evolving along with women’s so even if you are constantly in the office you can still express your style.


There are basic wardrobe items that should always be ready-to-wear like fresh and ironed shirts and vest tops, clean jumper or cardigan for a casual event and an impeccable suit for the official one. Keep the clothes neat, clean and ironed as well as properly stored in your closet to be able to pick them up while running.


If you are working in the sphere where you should look presentable then you are probably familiar with the beats called suit or may be even wear one on a daily basis. The first rule of a great suit is an ideal fit. It should feel as second skin, it should also correct and accentuate your figure. Choose fabrics and color according to a season and dress code or your own desire. You can think the suit is boring but it’s an item in almost any fashion collection every season for more than one reason. Suit can make you look sharp and stylish in an instance. Found a perfect color and ideal fit? You are ready to go. A suit can be accessorized with a pocket square, which isn’t all perfect as it used to be. Now a pocket square is just stuffed not folded and that’s it. You can also go with cufflinks, eye catchy but not garish tie, and a different shirt every day. Watches, wedding bands for men, and sunglasses also make great accessories.

Keeping Your Style in Check

If you work in highly stressed environment but need to always look sharp and presentable be sure to use antiperspirant deodorant and some grooming tools in your table. The brush or comb will do. You might also want to keep a fresh shirt to change during the day if you have an important meeting.

If you work in a more relaxed atmosphere and don’t really have to follow the dress code you have a whole range of opportunities to express your own style. Don’t be afraid to use patterns and prints, colors and accessories but don’t overdo. Think belt, scarf or tie, a small bracelet or a ring.

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