Fashion Trend 2012: Asymmetrical Skirt – How To Choose & Wear

Asymmetrical skirts are top trendy during Spring/ Summer 2012 fashion season which explains why so many girls and women ask us about how to choose and wear this beautiful item so that it flatters every figure.

Designers have offered us super mini, elegant midi and even chic maxi skirts during this year. But for Spring/Summer 2012 we have something really special to add to our wardrobes – an asymmetrical skirt. Asymmetrical skirts are beautiful and interesting and they are perfect for accentuating our assets and hiding problem areas.


Being quite an unusual item an asymmetrical skirt is not easy to choose and even harder to wear. But as soon as you solve these two problems you’ll love your skirt even more!

First of all let’s talk about how to choose an asymmetrical skirt. Here are a few tips that will be useful:

  • Decide on your budget. Asymmetrical skirts are so popular now that it is easy to find both high end designer pieces and cheaper ones. When you set on the amount you can spend, go online or to your favorite store(s).
  • Find what looks best on your body. Since we all come in different body types the same skirt can look differently on different girls. Your task is to find the asymmetrical skirt that flatters your personal shape. Try different lengths and wraps to see what looks best. If you have great legs, go for miniskirts. If you are too skinny and want to create an illusion of a fuller look, try a skirt with ruffles. In case you are a little plump, opt for a piece with the shorter hem going as high as the mid part of your legs.


  •  Think of how often you will wear your asymmetrical skirt. If you are planning to make it a daily must-have you should pay attention to fabric the skirt is made of. Simple, machine washable, and easy to care for fabric will be a much better choice than the one you will have to dry clean.
  •   Choose the right color. As you know there are colors which look good on you and those that add years, make you fatter, etc. Choose the hue that you look lovely in.
  • The most important: make sure the asymmetrical skirt you are going to buy fits well. Find your size, put it on and look at yourself from different viewpoints. It you like the way you look in it, go ahead and buy it!

Now, when you have bought an asymmetrical skirt you should team it with the right top, shoes and accessories to finish the look. This maybe a complicated task but with a few more tips in mind you’ll do the job quite fast and easy.

  • Asymmetrical skirts are very versatile. You can wear them in any season and to almost any occasion. If the weather is cold, pair your skirt up with a warm monotone sweater (especially if your skirt is printed!), opaque tights and heeled boots. You can also create layers by wearing a clinging top and a cardigan. Add accessories which complete the look but don’t distract attention from your unusual skirt.
  • Your summer look can be composed of an asymmetrical skirt, a simple t-shirt or a tank top, a pair of sandals, a bag, and some jewelry.
  • You can wear both pantyhose and tights with an asymmetrical skirt. All depends on the fabric and color of the skirt. For light-colored and thin fabrics, wear pantyhose. For thicker dark-toned fabrics, wear tights.


  • Asymmetrical skirts are generally worn with high heels. Shoes you choose should be simple and come in common colors like black, white or nude, or the same color as the skirt. Avoid decorate shoes as they will distract attention from the design of your skirt. It is also possible to wear asymmetrical skirts with biker boots, those which are rough, heavy and masculine. If that’s your choice think about the right accessories to finish your look.

There are plenty of looks you can create based on an asymmetrical skirt. Just take your time and find the combination you will love the most.


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