Style secrets: creation of your personal style

When we say “stylish” we actually mean “well-dressed”. How many modern stars can we call stylish?

Lots. But who of them are style icons? The question is difficult to answer as almost none of them can be compared to Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Sophia Loren or Audrey Hepburn in their ability to combine garments keeping the same style all the time.

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Personal style can hardly be seen nowadays. Personal style can turn a woman into a goddess with the help of a wardrobe only.

And as time and life experience shows, not every woman can become a goddess. But one has to try, try hard! After all, isn’t that the most favorite women’s game to cope with financial worries somehow and despite everything surprise people with their looks during a celebration or other special occasions?

In search of a style

Personal style is something visible at the first sight. It is more important than any fashion trends and ready images.

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Ordinary women try to imitate styles of popular divas but does it really worth doing? There are just a few of celebs who really have their style to show.

Let’s start from Madonna who’s considered a queen of pop music.

In 2000 she was recorded into Guinness’s book for creation of 85 images during her career: from a vicious angel in her music video Like a Virgin to a cute demon from her Ray of Light tour.

It is great and notable of course, but I doubt that our kids will know how to describe Madonna’s style.

So, what’s Madonna’s style? It’s a set of highly fashionable items. Madge changes her images like gloves. She is new for each new tour: from cowboy simplicity to a vintage chic.

Madonna will always be a fashion icon but she will never be a style icon unfortunately.

But there is another girl who does have her own style – Dita von Teese – a pin-up girl from old pictures. She used to be a fair-haired girl from Rochester, USA.

Her name was Heather Renée Sweet and she was an ordinary girl no one paid much attention at. But she wanted to make a standout and dreamt of becoming provocative like Bettie Page and exquisite like Rita Hayworth.

She liked watching movies dated 1940-50 and experimenting with her style. Finally she dyed her hair black and chose vintage clothes.

Jessica Simpson – Sugar – Hobo (Cherry Polka Dot)

Now her style is thought over to details – a corset, stockings, high stilettos by Louboutin and classic ‘50s style garments.

She is perfect and never trusts stylists to do her hair and put on her make-up, she likes doing taht on her own.

According to Dita she has been following her style for 10 years already and she is going to keep it for lots of years longer as she was able to create her individual style and is proud of it.

Style workshop

So, what is a personal style? Personal style is a style that is close to you, your personality and your preferences.

It has to be unique. Perfectionists can say I’m not right saying that, but I don’t actually mean you should wear all the same clothes of one day fashion. You should change, but within the limits of the same style.

If we speak about Dita again she can be a provocative pin-up girl and then suddenly hide her snowy white face under a veil, or turn up in public wearing something exceptionally luxurious with a feathered hat.

But whatever she wears she always follows one particular style.

Step 1. Your personality

Bright personalities create bright personal styles. We can talk of a style only if the personality is seen through it. Let’s recall an old movie Sabrina by Billy Wilder.

Audrey Hepburn’s character, an ordinary girl, the daughter of a gardener, falls in love with the son of her father’s employer. To avoid looking ridiculous she leaves home for Paris, the fashion capital.

Two years later she returns home and kills the heir with her fantastic looks. It happens not because fashionable clothes changed her but because she got to know herself better and found her personal style, different from others.

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It is often said that individual style is something one has to be born with, like charisma or a pleasant voice. But think of Marlene Dietrich, a style icon, who had been searching for her personal style for a long time.

She couldn’t express herself right at the beginning of her career and wore lots of lace, puffy sleeves, inappropriate furs and designs which made her figure look terrible.

But when she met Sternberg everything changed and she acquired her own style and followed it until the rest of her life. As a result she became a style icon.

So, these example illustrate the fact one can do everything. You need to find yourself, to understand what you really want. Think of ideal you. What will you look like?

What clothes will you wear? What will you act like? The best way to find your style is to understand your inner world.

Step 2. Basics of style

The diversity of styles is infinite but all of them are just the variants of three basic styles.

Eternal classic. Jackline Kennedy is someone who preferred it and never wanted to try something different.

The items of her image were: pumps, pillbox hats, clinging pencil skirts and strict suits – they are now considered 100 per cent elegant. Those who prefer to wear classic have to walk straight all the time and watch their hairdos to look ideal, but I’m sure exquisiteness and perfection of the style are just the things you’d like to achieve.

Creative personality. Any ideas are possible here. Those who like this style prefer to stand out rather than be hidden in the crowd. Tunics, shapeless garments, hippie chic, ethnic items, romantic and feminine images, complicated designs and creative decisions are the key moments of this style.

Contra culture. People who prefer this style like everything that is avoided by majority of others. Mass culture is not for them. Nothing can be worse for such women than buying trendy items.

Their style is always completed. Examples to imitate this style are Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo. In the middle of the last century these women wore tuxedos, mannish hats and preferred black to all other colors.

And don’t even ask me about a sporty style. This style looks appropriate only in gyms and stadiums.

Step 3. Fashion

Fashion should serve as an instrument of creating your individual style. Taking ready images from catwalks is a complete nonsense if you want to be treated as a woman who knows what her style is.

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Fashionable images can inspire you to make experiments and of course you’ll find plenty of details which will go perfectly with your wardrobe and complement your style. And shopping becomes much easier when you know exactly what you want.

Creation of your personal style is a difficult thing. But nothing gorgeous can be achieved easily, remember that!

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