Types of Bags: General Overview

Variety of bags is huge and it often seems impossible to know every name a piece can bear. MillionLooks has prepared a short overview of most common types of bags. Read, remember and use the information to surprise friends with your knowledge.

Fashion is so diverse that it’s really impossible to know everything about it. But what it is quite possible is to keep learning. So, today we will speak about types of bags, those which are most common. We hope you will find something new for yourself.


Athletic bag – a roomy bag used for carrying sporting apparel and necessary equipment to the gym or sports ground.


Backpack – a bag that lies across the back and is supported by wearer’s shoulders with double handles. A backpack can be worn on one or both shoulders.


Baguette Bag – a rectangular bag that basically reminds a baguette in shape. Baguette bag is long from side to side and small from top to bottom. This bag can come with a short shoulder strap.


Bowling Bag – a bag that was originally intended for holding a bowling ball, later became a fashion item.


Bucket bag – a roomy bag in shape of a bucket, can come with an open top and a shoulder strap.


Clutch Bag – small rectangular bag that is shorter than a baguette bag. Clutch bag is usually an evening bag and can be adorned with jewels, sequins, crystals, etc.


Cosmetic case – a bag intended for holding cosmetics. Cosmetic case can come in different sizes and shapes, usually with a zipper.


Duffel Bag – a large bag used for travel or sports. The name comes from Duffel which is a town in Belgium where the fabric for the bag was first produced.


Envelope bag – a flat bag, square or rectangular in shape, with a triangle top flap that folds over like an envelope. Envelope can be as small as a clutch bag or larger.


Fold over clutch – a clutch that can be tucked or folded, can be with or without a handle, large or small.


Hobo Bag – a roomy crescent-shaped shoulder bag with a main compartment closure.


Messenger Bag – a large or middle-sized bag with a long strap that lies across the body, winds around the chest and rests the bag on the lower back. Messenger bags are usually made of high quality, durable and water-resistant materials.


Satchel – a handbag with a flat bottom and double handles. Satchel can be large or small.


Shoulder bag – a bag of any size and shape provided with a shoulder strap.


Sling Bag – a small bag with a long strap. Sling bag is similar to a messenger bag but smaller.


Tote Bag – a middle-sized or large bag with two handles, can be used for shopping.


Wristlet – a small bag in shape of a clutch, comes with an attached leather or bracelet-looking strap allowing wearer to hold the bag and have hands free.

Information taken from Bagbible.com.

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