Andrés Sardá Spring Summer 2013 Swimwear Collection

Despite the fact that the twelve lines of the Andrés Sardá spring summer 2013 swimwear collection are entitled differently, they are all united under the name “Playas en Cinemascope”, which could be translated from Spanish as “Beaches in Cinemascope”.

The name of this stunning swimwear collection speaks for itself: it is feminine, glamorous and chic. The Andrés Sardá swimwear pieces feature the jewel-like hues along with the classy black and white tones, girly polka dots, paisley and stripes, metal detailing and sequins.
For the coming season Andrés Sardá introduces the creative bold styles that will definitely make you a real spotlight at the beach. The famous swimwear brand tried to step away from the ordinary swimwear styles and make the revolution in the swimwear fashion. As usual, it is intended for the contemporary women with cosmopolitan spirit that are ready to express their inner energy through the original garments.

This Andrés Sardá swimwear spring/summer 2013 collection is versatile not only in terms of the prints and colors, but also in terms of the swimwear styles. It contains the swimsuits for every body type and taste such as the one-piece styles, bikinis and tankinis. However, each design can boast the same amount of sophistication, elegance and seduction owing to the high end materials and flawing silhouettes.

Audrey, Vivien, Sofia, Liz, Lana, Davis, Goldie, Grace, Greta, Callas, Bettie and BB are the names of the striking swimwear lines from this Andrés Sardá swimwear spring/summer 2013 collection, which deliver the retro feel, gorgeous prints, 50’s vibe, simple elegance and sleek monochrome garments.

Distinct names, distinct hues, prints and style, numerous details and cuts, this swimwear will definitely flatter your body and enhance the level of confidence.

Video of Andrés Sardá spring summer 2013 swimwear campaign

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