Calzedonia Swimwear Winter 2013

Calzedonia Swimwear Winter 2013Calzedonia Swimwear for Winter 2013 ad campaign

An Italian brand, Calzedonia, famous for its  swimwear and lingerie, has announced the release of its new swimwear collection for Winter 2013. The collection takes its inspiration from sports. Called “Sportive Attitude” the line features lots of new prints and cuts. The summer is getting closer and closer, so while you are getting your body in shape for the season, why don’t browse through the new Calzedonia swimwear collection?

Calzedonia “Sportive Attitude” Collection

Are you excited about the upcoming swimwear season? The beach season is different for every country, but what unites us all is the spirit of summer, that we carry in our hearts. Meanwhile, more and more brands start to showcase their latest collections worldwide, and the Italian brand is no exception. The new winter collection is celebrating the summer in the sport  manner, presenting lots of new hot picks for any season.

Calzedonia Swimwear Winter 2013

Calzedonia Swimwear for Winter 2013 ad campaign

There are lots of traditional bikini variations, but what distinguishes them in their variety is their patterns. There are lots of different patterns and prints, from the funky little stars to simple red stripes. The most amazing in this collection is the sexy allure, which is present in all of the pieces. There are feminine bikinis, as well manly beachwear for summer, featuring sexy shorts in sportswear style and hot swimming trunks.

Calzedonia is known for its high quality products, promoting healthy lifestyles and fashionable swimwear for almost any occasion. The present beachwear collection, as mentioned earlier, is not very versatile, featuring mostly the same designs, but this time there is a focus on the masculine sexuality as well. Calzedonie swimwear can be found in many stores online and worldwide.

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  • I live in the USA and want to purchase some of this years swimwear collection by Calzedonia. How do I purchase any of there lines? Is there any way? Please let me know.