Candice Swanepoel’s Tiny Frame is Horrifying!

I do like looking at slender women and this explains why I am so often blasted by those ladies who love curves (or maybe too lazy to do exercise to get the shape they REALLY want…). But even to me Candice Swanepoel looks too thin. Her tiny frame definitely looks unhealthy. I’m afraid she might be anorexic…

candice swanepoel

The latest photographs of Candice Swanepoel which show the model posing with Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima to promote the new Victoria’s Secret Swimwear line reveal how thin Candice has become. Something must be done to turn her to the normal shape, otherwise she can end up like Isabelle Caro or Ana Carolina Reston. I know it is early to talk about such possibilities but if she goes on losing weight that fast her future appears to be very gloomy.

candice swanepoel

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  • Interesting post. Candice is gorgeous but too skinny. They should choose models that are a little closer to women in real life, and look more healthy…

  • She is the perfect skinny. i would do the unspeakable to her.