Carey Mulligan Undresses To Her Bra For W Magazine Cover (January 2012 Issue)

Carey Mulligan pulls down her dress and reveals the delicate bra for the cover of W Magazine January 2012 issue. She looks provocative and beautiful. Inside the edition the actress shares on the nude scene in Shame film.


Neither has Carey Mulligan been photographed in her underwear for a magazine cover not has she fully undressed for a movie scene. But everything happens for the first time sooner or later. And we see Carey in a bra for W Magazine January 2012 issue and she goes nude for a moment in her latest Shame film.

Carey Mulligan looks lovely on the cover of W Magazine January 2012 issue wearing nothing but a white bra and a dress that she pulled down provocatively. She also looks very pretty on other photographs inside the edition: with a squirrel on her shoulder, in cat-eye sunglasses and running with her purse in hands.


The W Magazine covergirl, Carey Mulligan gives a frank interview about what it was like playing an exhibitionist character in Shame movie.

Carey Mulligan on her nude scene: “I’ve never, never been naked in a film before; I’ve been topless once or twice, but always in sort of very innocent ways. And I’ve always been sort of staunchly feminist about it, I’ve never relished the idea of doing it, and never if it was inappropriate or gratuitous in any way. But I just felt it was absolutely right; that’s exactly who she was. She wanted to be seen, she’s an exhibitionist and she’s provocative.”


Carey Mulligan on feeling confident playing a character who didn’t worry about her appearance: “I didn’t have to worry about what I ate, or how much I drank, and I didn’t have to work out. She was an alcoholic mess. She didn’t have any money to dye her hair. I mean I didn’t become an alcoholic, but I didn’t have to watch myself. It was so much more exciting to play that character that didn’t worry about her appearance in any way. I knew that when I stood up in that bath naked it wasn’t about whether I looked good naked or not. It was about who she was.”

Carey Mulligan on playing the suicide attempt scene: “I was sitting there and this fake blood was pumping out of my arms and I was in this completely hopeless state with a kitchen knife next to me. And it was horrible, it was really horrible and I wasn’t expecting it, it was a complete surprise, and I felt awful. It sounds so pretentious, but it just made me feel horrible. I felt devastated and I felt so sad. And I’m fine. I’m great and well adjusted and everything’s cool, but just the idea of being that helpless and that lonely, it was just really sad. I got into the taxi at the end of the day and I couldn’t stop crying.”

See the full gallery of Carey Mulligan’s photos for W Magazine January 2012 issue:

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