Chantelle Spring/Summer 2013 Lingerie Collection

The true Parisian chic along with London refinement and Italian grace- that's what make this lingerie collection the real masterpiece.

Parisian chic, refinement and luxury, seductive silhouettes and high end fabrics… The latest Chantelle spring summer 2013 lingerie collection is the true embodiment of the femininity, sensuality and refinement. The popular French lingerie brand knows the thing or two about producing the enchanting lingerie pieces and this latest collection was not an exception.
This spring summer 2013 season promises to be extremely exciting as from day to day the designers bring us the hot trends and the stunning collections that evoke the associations with the sunny days. Looking for bringing the freshness to your lingerie wardrobe? Then you will surely like the newest Chantelle spring summer 2013 lingerie range that can boast the bold color gamma and various silhouettes as well as the striking designs created to enhance every body type.
When it comes to the colors, the Chantelle spring summer 2013 lingerie collection has the range of options you can choose from starting from the snow white to the subdued nude, black and grey tones as well as the bright hues like purple, turquoise, blue, lilac and emerald green, so you will easily find the one that will suit your bright summer shirt. Despite the fact that the Chantellle lingerie items have the minimalistic design, they still look stunning owing to the sophisticated detailing and superior lace.
Palais Royal, Saint Germain, So Sublime, Notre Dame, Orsay, Tuileries, Fascination, Eternelle and Bastille are just the few names of the beautiful lingerie styles by the Chantelle. These charming sets will sure enhance your self-confidence. Coddle yourself with these beauties, pick Chantelle this spring.

Chantelle spring summer 2013 lingerie collection

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