Guess Lingerie Spring 2014 Campaign: Saucy Curves

Guess Lingerie Spring 2014 Campaign
Guess Lingerie Spring 2014 Campaign

Lingerie updates are probably the ones that we, ladies, are waiting for the most. No wonder, this is what can make any woman happy. Besides, while we try to restrain ourselves and prevent the monthly budget from suffering because of another pair of shoes, lingerie pieces won’t hurt that much. Of course, there are some underwear items that might be worth more than a car (for example, the precious bras by Victoria’s Secret). However, these are rather exceptions from the general rules. This time it is Guess that decided to delight us with the fresh lines. Check out the Spring/Summer 2014 campaign and choose you favorite articles.

Samantha Hoopes for Guess Lingerie Spring 2014 Campaign

Samantha Hoopes is officially the new Guess girl. The beauty looks adorable in all the outfits that she demonstrates in the photoshoot. I love the way she poses – very confident and relaxed. To me, these are the main criteria by which the models should be shorlisted for the lingerie shoots. And seems like Samantha is doing pretty will with her task.

You will fall for all the pieces presented in the ads. They are all different in terms of style, color combiantions and fabric texture. The whole line is mostly in moderate shades. Although you won’t spot any bright hues, the collection doesn’t seem to be dim or boring. Quite the contrary, cream, gray and black are the colors that make any lingerie line more elegant and sexy. And this worked just perfectly with Guess Spring/Summer 2014 ads.

Samantha Hoopes was the right choice for this campaign. She greatly fit into the concept of Guess woman: hot and precious. Take a look at the images below and you will get what I am talking about.

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