Is thong dangerous?

Thong is loved by so many of us that it’s hard to imagine a girl who doesn’t have at least a piece in her wardrobe. It is comfortable to wear under clinging and transparent clothes and a swimsuit with a thong provides a nice even tan for your skin. However, wearing a thong too often can be dangerous.

A well-known gynecologist Lisa Masterson from Los Angeles has recently published the results of her long-term study about the influence of a thong on woman’s health. So, what was she able to find out?

According to Lisa thong, when worn on the regular basis, can cause serious problems. First of all these flirty panties favor the development of yeast vaginal infections as well as urinary infections.

This type of underwear is usually made from synthetic materials, such as nylon. It is a common fact that such fabrics tend to keep moisture and warm moist environment is perfect for dangerous bacteria existence.

Besides, thong can ‘help’ the infection spread quickly. Lisa Masterson affirms that rectal bacteria have a good chance to get into vagina through the strip of a thong.

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  • I like a nice wet environment down there. Juicy.

  • thats just wrong


  • Sounds like the answer it to go commando then. No held in warmth, no held in moisture, no strip to transfer bacteria. I’m sure the good doctor would disagree. I find it odd, cotton thongs were not evaluated. They certainly exist. What about latex thongs. They may have similar problems, but they are very sexy at least, unlike the attitude of the good doctor.

  • I will buy drawers. My boyfriend will die! ))))

  • The solution seems obvious…don’t wear undies at all.

  • No more undies!

  • the problem is that the strip is up the crack rubbing the anus getting butt juice on it. when she moves around, that strip moves and can transfer that butt juice to her vagina area which causes a urinary tract infection when that bacterria from her butt gets in her urethra.

    regular panties dont do this because they dont rub on the anus. they sit on the cheeks. thongs are just not sanitary.

  • Sex isn’t very sanitary either

  • My stuff can breath in a thong;) I’ve been wearing them for atleast 20 years never have I had a uti! And I’m a nurse so I understand the logic;) Granny panties work for girls with big asses that get all sweaty!

  • I preffer them without it!! lol..!!

  • Just sleep in the raw at night and air it out.

  • Underware is overrated

  • I have woren thongs to tan in,I think panty lines look just GROSS, I also wear under my jeans ,dresses . Never ONCE a problem , If a womene is geting infecion. STOP SCREWING THE WRONG MEN .Stop , always putting the blame where it doest belong . Thongs are sexy . Chameleon

  • That is disgusting. I wear cotton panties, and the occasional thong only when I’m going to wear something really tight. If you have issues, the key is to make sure you SHOWER properly!!

  • I have never worn thongs and never will. Primary reason: I don’t like feeling like I have a wedgie all day – I don’t want something constantly riding up my crack. I don’t know how anyone could think they are comfortable. They’re not. When I’m at home, I wear no underwear at all. When I’m out, I wear very low-cut (low-rise) cotton bikini underwear. They are not the least bit un-sexy, and are definitely NOT “granny panties”. I *hate* that people think that any underwear that aren’t thongs are granny panties – that’s ridiculous. Just because some people like something in their crack all day doesn’t mean everyone does. And ladies, if you don’t find thongs comfortable, but are just wearing them for a man – rest assured he likes you naked better than any other way. And if he likes thongs better than naked, he is more than welcome to wear one himself.
    Death to Thongs

    P.S. The poster “birdy” got it exactly right, even if she/he didn’t express it in the most clinical fashion. Thongs ride directly up against the anus, vagina, and urethra – sharing the bacteria between the three. It’s like throwing a party and welcoming infection.

  • I absolutely love it when my girlfriend wears a thong for me! She doesn’t like it, but she knows I love it and she loves me so she still wears them :]
    Butt juice sounds hot btw ;] Kidding! :D

  • Duh. It took a doctor to figure out that thongs aren’t hygenic? Well, where’s my PhD? I’ve been saying that thongs were gross with buttjuice all along.

    Like many Americans, I no longer have health care and if some stupid guy wants me to risk my health just to please him, too bad. Go look at Playboy, you infantile monkey.

    And, another thing, if you all like high heels so much, YOU wear em. hehee

  • Long live the thong, 33% of women wear them. Just wear a mix and you will be fine.

  • Oh my. wow! good to know. but some of you all and your commments are more disgusting than the thought of vaginal infections and dirty thongs ugh gross !!!

  • I prefer boyshorts on chicks… I think they are WAYYY sexier IMO. Oh and BTW, HellNoToThongs can I came over? ;)

  • Two thongs don’t make a right

  • My comfort > your visual pleasure. Period.

    Any girl who thinks otherwise deserves to spend the rest of her life pregnant, barefoot, and in the kitchen.

  • thongs are not sexy enough because its too revealing however, being naked is a whole different story.

    boy shorts are more attractive because it brings out the lust in you, your fantasy becomes more out of control, and your testosterone… well they run wild as well. This is because you want MORE skin. You want to see whats underneath and when a girl wears a thong,there’s not much more to expect.

    im having a hard time explaining this but i hope you guys/gals understand n_n

  • I wear thongs everyday and have for over 7 years. It’s not a wedgie problem because you get used to it. The fabric isn’t inside your anus rubbing against it, it just sits nicely on top or right inside the crack. People who say they don’t wear them because of wedges are just too scared to try them. I’ve never had any UTI problems from thongs, But I have heard of girls who sleep in them having problems. When you sleep in the obviously they will come in contact with the anus and with all the moving around can cause tearing on the sensitive skin down there. My doctor said many young girls have hemorrhage problems because of it. ( She thinks I’m dumb to wear them because she is over 60 and has never tried.) Boy shorts and bikini underwear are uncomfortable. Try thongs and just don’t be stupid about it, and you will love it. The Best!!

  • Yes Nato members all have thongs on.

  • If you like things don’t bash other styles, and vice versa. Thongs, boy shorts, and bikinis are all sexy in their own ways, I like them all. If you like thongs enjoy but do be careful.

  • I work for an intimate apparel store where I sell many different types of underwear to women of all ages and sizes. I normally wear thongs and also wear boy shorts, just to mix it up sometime depending on how I am feeling that day. I do hate it when people call anything other than thongs “granny panties.” I think it’s an insult to those who just favor not having a strip of fabric down their asses. Any style of underwear can be sexy on a woman as long as she can work it – that is how I see it. I do like thongs, but I have realized from working with countless women (and as well as my own experiences) that it can pose as a potential problem to our bodies.

  • A thong may be harmful. Then go commando, baby!!

  • if you like it – wear it
    if you don’t – don’t
    if you don’t like others wearing them – too bad
    if you don’t care – keep doing what your doing
    simple yes? follow it