Isabeli Fontana Wows in Morena Rosa Beach Spring 2014 Campaign

Isabeli Fontana for Morena Rosa Beach Spring 2014 Campaign
Isabeli Fontana for Morena Rosa Beach Spring 2014 Campaign

Are you fed up with this gloomy and cold weather? So am I! Are you dreaming of a long break at sunny beach somewhere around the tropics? Belive me or not, but I have exactly the same dreams. While people around me start to prepare for Christmas, I don’t feel this excitement at all. It will be all the same after the holidays: the same working station, the same snowy roads, the same frost on the window glass. What I want is totally different from this boring routine. I need a breath of fresh air – something that can shake me up. Since my idea about warm ocean and hot sand is nothing more than a dream, I have to stick to reality. So instead of feeling sorry for myself I decided to cheer up. And I recommend the same thing for you. Take a look at Spring 2014 Swimwear campaign by Morena Rosa and get insipred!

Morena Rosa Beach Spring 2014 Campaign: Adorable Isabeli Fontana

If you were not sure of what to keep yourself busy with, this is your gold fish. Since winter is the time when we don’t have a strong desire to dress up every day, there is no need to waist time on elaborating on various outfits. Thus, we have plenty of free time that has to be used somehow. You could, of course, take the easy path and spent these extra hours in the company of your beloved pillow, but it won’t be so productive. Plus, you can get a bad habit of sleeping all the time and might have difficilties adjusting to the warm climate.

So what I suggest has to do with your wardrobe planning for summer. To be more precise, why don’t you start outlining the list of items to buy for the sunny and hot days? This way you will manage to save a significant amount of time later and instead spend it for an extra walk outside or a hangout with your friends. So while you are looking at the photos of Morena Rosa Spring 2014 ads, keep in mind that you need to make some notes.

Isabeli Fontana looks adorable, as always. The Brazilian super model is well-known as Victoria’s Secret Angel; so no wonder she is being tapped by the swimwear brands. Her voluptuous body and charming beauty make up a perfect combination for any company. By the way, this is het sixth season in a row for Morena Rosa. So seems like the label is in deep love with the beauty.

You will be surprised to see some of the outfits offered by Morena Rosa: they are far from the classic perception of swimsuits. Yet, all the pieces look absolutely adorable and super sexy which makes this collection twice as desirable as it was. Various colors as well as different designs are featured in the newest line of one-suits, bikinis and accessories. You don’t need to address a different label: everything you need to wear to the beach is here.

Morena Rosa offers quite a range of delcious and fashionable swimsuits that will blow your mind. There is no chance you can choose the one that speaks to you the most – don’t even hope for it. All of the pieces are so splendid, that you immediately start trying them on in your mind. Isabeli Fontana once again managed to transfer the appeal and fine design of the swimwear pieces to the fans and customers. Looking at the magnificent photos, there is no way you stay untouched with this great style and amazing creativity.

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