Jessica Chastain for GQ British January 2013

Jessica Chastain, an American actress who is just gaining her popularity, was captured on the cover of the GQ British January 2013 issue, where she uncovers her current work on the new movie, and talks about her movie partner, Brad Pitt and on being redhaired! Check out her stunning and revealing photoes and the accompanying interview!

Jessica Chastain for GQ British January 2013

Jessica Chastain Sexy for GQ British January 2013

Did you know that Jessica Chastain a new rising star in Movies industry started out in 2011, while previously she was known only in theatres. Now, she is a well established actress with several movie projects, and a celebrity identity, that is developing sometimes a bit too fast! Her recent movie Zero Dark Thirty, an action thriller about “history’s greatest manhunt for the world’s most dangerous man, the film chronicles American efforts to capture or kill Osama bin Laden”.Chilling right? As uncovered by Jessica Chastain herself:

“This film will make news. We all think we know how it ended. We don’t. And this movie is about how it really ended. It is shocking. When I first read the script, I was blown away by this woman. The sacrifices she made and what she had to do. It’s something I still get very emotional about. What happens when you live for this one goal? And then you achieve it.”

Jessica Chastain for GQ British January 2013

Among other things that she talked about that day was her another project of Tree of Life, where she happens to work side by side with Brad Pitt: “He didn’t have a huge entourage, nothing like that. He just showed up on his motorcycle on the very first day and went, ‘Hi, I’m Brad.’ You just heard the rumbling of his bike and he’d appear like James Dean, or Marlon Brando from The Wild One. He was kind, he was generous, he’d never heard of me but he never made me feel less.”

So far as the story goes, Jessica also complains about how the redheads are ridiculed in UK: “You Brits are usually so mean to your redheads. Why is that? In America it’s seen as a good thing. Look at Julia Roberts – she’s cool, right? I was working in Thailand and I’d be walking down the street and people – British people – would stop the car and scream, ‘ginger!’ at me.”

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