Lingerie men prefer

Scientists like making researches in various, even most ridiculous, spheres and I wasn’t very much surprised when found the results of a survey relating to which lingerie men like the most.

I think this information will be interesting for many girls as we all wonder at least once in our life which lingerie men prefer and whether they like it at all or not.

Some men say they like when women wear lingerie, other say they don’t. And of course there are those who are unsure of what to reply.

But all men can surely say that they like what is under lingerie but this doesn’t mean they are not interested in lingerie itself.

First of all lingerie is similar somehow to a packing of a present, the more beautiful it is the more tempting the woman looks wearing it. Secondly, lingerie should bring some intrigue, like a long skirt – every man knows what’s under it but still wants to look there to prove his guess.

Felina Valentina Push-Up Bra 6259

Palette and designs are valued on a subconscious level. As soon as a man looks at a woman he knows exactly what he wants from her.


Most men confess they like lingerie of red or burgundy colors. Nothing amazing I would say. Red is a color of passion and provokes corresponding associations.

Woman wearing red is perceived as confident, passionate and sexually skillful.

Such women know how to please herself and her partner. It is very likely that people’s attitude to red as a color of passion is just a stereotype but it really works!

Some women consider red lingerie their talisman. For example, Polish schoolgirls believe red lingerie can help them pass exams well, that’s why lingerie stores in Poland offer a huge variety of red sets on the eve of state exams. Interesting, isn’t it?

Black is very popular. Black lingerie is sexy and at the same time romantic, especially if the set is almost transparent and all her curves are seen beautifully.

Wonderbra Lace Embrace Push-Up Bra 7672

Some say that only women with big sexual ambitions wear black lingerie… I can’t agree with this but it’s statistics and I won’t agrue…

Some guys like white lingerie, but it should be snowy white, not dirty or pale white. White hue has always symbolized innocence.

Women used to wear only white lingerie because each had just one partner in her live – her husband.

Now girls’ virginity and faithfulness is no longer as appreciated as before but men still like white lingerie as ever.

Pink and blue lingerie is NOT sexy, men say. So, dear girls don’t think that if you think it’s cute your partner will think the same.


Men definitely prefer silk lingerie as this fabric adds much brightness to the color and thus makes it look twice (or even more) sexier than cotton.

Just remember Naomi Campbell who wears exclusively light-toned silk lingerie that accentuates the color of her skin. She looks very hot!

Cotton lingerie is something men don’t like much. It looks too simple… but I guess this is just about lingerie that has no lace, transparent insets or pleats on it.

A famous actress Julia Roberts has recently confessed she prefers cotton lingerie. She likes it for its comfort, softness and practicality.

No doubt she is a woman all men in the world would like to have. But her sexuality is far from being aggressive. It is very tender and domestic.

That’s why if your man prefers sexuality of this type cotton lingerie is a good option.

Wear or avoid?

Only your man can say whether he wants you to wear lingerie or not. It’s just a matter of taste. Women’s nudity is very arousing as it is associated with sexuality and readiness to have sex at any moment.

Many spouses sleep nude and they love it!

But as practice shows partial nudity is more tempting than absolute one. According to statistics about 90% of men get excited seeing their woman wearing lingerie.

Super short babydoll will look just in place in your bedroom.

Man is like a hunter. When a woman is completely naked she looks a prey that has already been caught; but a woman wearing at least one item of clothing makes her man think differently.

She doesn’t seem to be ready for anything, and he should try hard to get what he wants.

Don’t forget about the fact a man likes new things. Experiment with color, texture and design of your lingerie.

American scientists proved that women who like changing the style of lingerie have more faithful husbands than those who don’t bring changes into their bedroom.

This is rather easy to understand. Men are polygamic and the same woman wearing various lingerie sets creates the illusion of variety.

And one more thing: lingerie should be worn beautifully and taken off even more seductively!

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