Jewelry Trends Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011

Question on whether jewelry is important or not has never even arisen since every woman understands the essence of this accessory. Classic pieces that will always be in vogue can become boring if one wears those again and again. So, a little diversity will make you feel more exciting about your look and people around you will notice you much more often. Jewelry trends for Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011 season aren’t difficult to integrate into the look and the process itself will be very enjoyable.

statement jewelry trend fw 2010 2011

Bold statements. This season designers created lots of statement jewelry: huge, colorful and unusual – pieces that will be remembered, those which stand out rather than just complement outfits. Oversized barcelets, extra-long earrings, extravagant necklaces – all these will be very trendy during Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011.

all metal jewelry trend fw 2010 2011

All-metal jewelry. This jewelry trend is rather new if we forget about traditional items made of precious metals. The metal jewelry I’m talking about now is different. It’s mostly lightweight though large in size, often yellow but sometimes white. Some pieces come structured, making beautiful compositions. Others are angular and can be of an irregular form.

strong motifs trend fw 2010 2011

Strong Motifs. This trend is for those who are dare enough to mix elements. Snakes, elephants, flowers, birds, bugs, leaves and coins are some of the most popular motifs. And the task of the wearer is to combine these pieces in an original way and thus create certain mood of your outfit.

fringe jewelry trend fw 2010 2011

Fashionable Fringe. Fringe is fashionable again. But this time it doen’t decorate clothing, shoes and bags only, it comes on jewelry as well. And looks fantastic! Very hot.

layered jewelry trend fw 2010 2011

Layered necklaces are as hot as ever. They have become more elaborate but compact at the same time. To wear such jewelry you’ll have to choose your clothes instead of choosing jewelry for the outfit.

square bangles trend fw 2010 2011

Square bangles are definitely a new jewelry trend that needs special attention from fashionistas. It’s innovative that means it will stay with us for a few seasons. Investing into such a piece is a wise decision.

huge rings trend fw 2010 2011

Huge Retro Inspired Rings. Huge rings are one of the hottest trends for Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011. They do look great and are pretty affordable.

the more the better jewelry trend fw 2010 2011

The more The better. The more bracelets you have on your arm the more fashionable they will look. Plenty of thin and not very thin bangles look nice together.

Ok, that is all about Jewelry trends for Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011. I hope you like most of them and will enjoy wearing those.

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  • Wow really fantastic jewellary..In Fall fashion trends 2010 the jewellary is very much in demand.

  • it seems a bit ununified and a mess almost except for the retro rings, anything retro is always sure to come back agian another day.

  • As a jewellery designer and manufacturer I think the jewellery for Fall/Winter is quite devastatingly dramatic and inventive! Great inspiration for the ever demand of creating something unique and memorable!JLEO – Bespoke Jewellery

  • Hello your blog is GREAT

  • Some great insights here. I agree with some of these trends and have been following them in my buying.

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