Ready For Paisley Trend?

This season abounds with interesting trends, and paisley print is one of the most amazing though a little unexpected ones. It is beautiful and unusual and that what attracts fashionistas the most. At the same time paisley can make a statement of its own which makes it hard to combine with other patterns for a bolder look.


The classic heritage print – paisley – does not come in all designers’ collections like floral print does. But if it appears you won’t forget it soon. Stella McCartney, Matthew Williamson, JW Anderson, Jil Sander and Emilio Pucci focused on paisley in their Spring/ Summer 2012 ranges and each has done it in its own unique way.


Stella McCartney and Jil Sander played it safe and made paisley look delicate and elegant, even on pajamas (by the way, it seems like Stella has a double trend hit!).


Emilio Pucci and Haider Ackermann added color to the print and made it stand out.


Matthew Williamson put paisley into embroidery while Paul Smith used the print to make masculine outfits look softer and more womanly.

No matter what way you choose to wear paisley, get ready to be the topic of your friends’ discussion as paisley just can’t stay unnoticed.

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