Fall 2013 Footwear Trend: Thigh-High Boots

Emilio Pucci thigh-high boots
Emilio Pucci

Fall is around the corner and although I hate to remind you, but cold weather is soon to come. Which means that we all will have to trade our lovely sandals and flats for something that would keep our precious legs warm. This is where some of you might face some kind of a dilemma. What shoes to choose in order to both look stylish and feel cosy? As for me, footwear choice is the hardest decision I have to make, whenever it comes to preparing my closet for the coming season. Taking into account a huge variety of shoes offered now, it becomes incredibly hard to come up with the right pair of a footwear piece. Don’t throw yourselves into panic though! Here is something that will save both your time and efforts as well as simplify your choice. Read on to find out more about thigh-high boots – the hottest footwear trend of Fall 2013!

Thigh-High Boots: How to Stay on Trend This Fall

A number of Fall/Winter 2013 runway shows made it pretty clear that thigh-high boots are going to become the hottest footwear trend of the coming cold season. And this is exactly why you want a pair of your own trendy boots! Ladies will grasp in envy and frustration, while handsome guys will fall for your slender legs.

What Emilio Pucci showcased seems to be the most appealing offer so far. I immediately fell in love with the gorgeous pieces by the Italian fashion designer. In his vision, black suede is way too boring! Thigh-high boots also come in rust and bright red, which makes it almost impossible to not fall for them. These are probably the highest boots of all the presented ones and they actually look more like stockings.

Balmain and  Donna Karan thigh-high boots
Balmain (L) and Donna Karan (R)

Balmain also saw no size limits and went for suede boots that cover almost the whole length of the model’s legs. In his case though, it is just the black that rocks the season. It, no doubt, helps to build up an elegant and somewhat chic look. But, when it is nasty and rainy fall that we are talking about, just a single thought about my legs being all wrapped up in a solid black piece of fabric, makes me sick to my stomach.

Donna Karan didn’t bother with brightening our autumn either. Well, for some ladies this might still be attractive. Charcoal gray or black boots are super easy to match outfits with. The American fashion designer was more moderate in terms of the footwear length and opted for suede boots that are just a couple of fingers over the knee height.

Celine thigh-high boots

Second-skin leather boots by Celine also look very delicious and appealing due to the bright color palette. Olive green, rich burgundy and oxford blue will surely make your mouths water. It is hard to tell how high these particular boots are, but take it as another advantage. What might seem to be endless in minds of the men around you, may turn into an epic surprise for their hard-working imagination.

Chanel thigh-high boots

Karl Lagerfeld presented a yummy combination of elegance, grunge and punk, all mixed in Chanel’s wondrous boots. Lacquered leather and chains as a decor element along with metallic mesh and studs – can you already feel your heart beating faster? If you are a fan of both the legendary French brand and intricately handcrafted shoes, this is your jackpot!

No matter which thigh-high boots you fell for, all of them are a great addition to your Fall 2013 wardrobe. Be it a mini-skirt, super short dress or your favorite pair of shorts, these trendy boots will perfectly fit in and help you stay in the limelight. Forget about jeans and mid-length frocks – you have one more chance to show off your beautiful legs and draw attention of hundreds of male eyes.

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