5 tips how to refresh your handbag

Which handbags are the trendiest in Summer 2009?

Bright, with lots of décor and of complicated design. But what about your favorite bag if it doesn’t suit modern fashion trends?

Throw it out? Leave it for a while until it gets fashionable again? Maybe… But there are lots of things you can do with it to fit it to the modern wardrobe.

So, what can we do? Let’s see examples from designer collections and then make a decision.

1. Decorate the handle

It’s very easy. First of all rummage through your box of jewelry. It is likely that you find some beads, chains and brooches you no longer wear.

Choose a long bead line or pearl line and a wide chain. Separately or all together these can complement your old bag handle.

See how designers did that:

There is another variant.

You can change your regular handbag handle for a few wide chains. Old-fashioned necklaces with strasses and crystals will suit best.

2. Adorn the bag with sequins or embroidery

In Summer 2009 you can adorn your bag with embroidery or sequins only if you are sure you can do it.

Such a décor will look best on huge and soft totes and small clutches.

3. Attach one or several massive brooches to your bag.

No matter what it is – flowers, ribbons, crystals, lace or plastic figures – choose something that will look harmonious with your bag and the outfit.

4. Attach brushes made of several colors

As you know bags made of leather of different colors or fabrics have been very popular since last season but to freshen them up you can décor your handbag with laces and brushes from soft fringe, massive beads and feathers.

5. Apply bright appliqué

During summer 2009 such bags are very popular. We take them to the beach and shops.

They are usually of big size and thus you can use your imagination freely.