Carolina Herrera Handbags: Dog Inspiration

Carolina Herrera Handbag
Carolina Herrera Handbag

Human beings are such that they need someone else besides themselves. We crave attention of our family members not for the very sake of it. We meet with friends not just because there’s nothing else to keep ourselves busy with. We desperately need communication and interaction. This is one of the basic needs, although Mr. Maslow would argue with me if he was alive. But I would be able to bring a number of significant proofs to my assumption. We can’t survive without the surrounding. And this is the reason why so many people have pets. Yes, there is a living creature to take care of, which is always nice. But is it really why we keep dogs, cats or parrots at home? We need them as much as they need us. And Carolina Herrera has proved it once again. The fashion designer got inspiration from her beloved dog and released a magnificent line of handbags.

Poodle-Isnpired Bags by Carolina Herrera

The 12-year old dog has been served not only as a loyal friend, but also as a muse for the designer. Gaspar is super lucky – it is such an honor when a whole collection is named after you, isn’t it?

Inspiration comes from anything and everything. You must always keep your eyes open; great things have a way of finding you if you do.

CH Carolina Herrera Gaspar handbag collection features great bags in leather, suede and fur. You have two options here: either a tote or a clutch. However, I would go for both, as the two pieces look totally different. The saucy bags are presented in black, red or beige and each feature gold styling. And guess what? The bottom of every single bag showcases Gaspar’s paw prints!

Carolina Herrera came up with a very interesting source of inspiration. Seems like she loves her fluffy pet a lot. So maybe after all, it is not the diamonds that are the girl’s best friend, but dogs?