Elie Saab Resort 2014 Handbags

Elie Saab Resort 2014 Handbags
Elie Saab Resort 2014 Handbags

As a teenager, I used to collect handbags. I still rememeber my mom rolling her eyes whenever I stared at another saucy bag the way a predator looks at its prey. She would remind me sometimes, in a very loud and compelling voice, how many pieces I already had on my shelf. And on her shelf. And on my sister’s shelf. But do you think that I really cared? I was so deep in love with this accessory that no force on earth could ever stop me from buying more items. Now when I collect those funny memories, the only thing I can do is smile. My mom is extremely grateful that I gave up on this deadly habit and quit enriching the bag brands. Of course, she is not totally correct – I still adore to delight myself with a stylish piece once in a while. The only difference is that now I go for quality rather than quantity. And the reason my collection is not that rich now is because I don’t have, unfortunately, an account in the Swiss bank. Yet, I can still afford dreaming about certain handbags that I fall in love with from time to time. This is the case with Elie Saab Resort 2014 handbags.

Gorgeous Handbags by Elie Saab: Resort 2014 Collection

Elie Saab is one of my favorite designers. The Lebanese genius manages to create masterpieces as if they were just regular articles of clothing. He is the one who seems to have an endless source of inspiration. I wonder whether it is his background that contributes to such wonderful collections. The Eastern culture has always attracted us, the westerners. Just remember the ancient Silk Road and all the tons of precious fabric that was transported through it from China. The Middle East is not an exception. Ancient as well as medieval rulers were fond of the artful creations of that time. No wonder, Saab’s designs are so popular today.

This time the designer decided to make us happy with a new collection of handbags. Impeccable style as well as perfect performance makes one’s mouth water. The gorgeous pieces strike with what seems to be simple design. There is nothing extraordinary or impossible about the bags. You won’t spot any catchy details, like feathers, studs or diamonds, either. But still there is something enchanting in these items, something that forces you to stare at them for hours and still not have enough.

You will see ten handbags in different color combinations. Good thing about all the pieces is that you can sport them in a way you want: either across the body or just holding the elegant handle. There are two pieces in lust red, which are similar in the design, but different in terms of size and style. I am pretty sure you will fall for the bags in delicate pink and classic black, as well as the combined palette of light turquoise, black nad pink.

Elie Saab also added four clutches in shining gold, luxury red, sophisticated black and a combination of  light pink and gold. There is no way you won’t fall in love with these magnificent pieces, as they reflect everything about beauty and charm that we know. Elie Saab Resort 2014 handbags all are absolutely irresistible. Depending on what style and color you prefer, you will find a bag of your dream. As for me, I adore all of the items, as I find it impossible to choose a piece that speaks to me the most.

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