Gucci Jewelry and Watches: 2014 Campaign

Gucci Jewelry and Watches
Gucci Jewelry and Watches

Gucci has designed a magnificent line of watches and jewelry pieces. The Italian brand decided to stress elegance as the main accent of their line and came up with adorable designs. All of the these items will no doubt blow your mind away the moment you see them. It is impossible to not breathe a sigh of admiration once you explore every single piece more carefully. Unfortunately, we don’t have a chance to touch the exquisite accessories, yet, we can use our sight and imagination to draw the tactile feelings in our minds. Take a look at the stunning Gucci 2014 ads which show off the marvelous accessories by the high-end fashion house!

Gucci 2014 Ads: Accessories

Gucci tapped beautiful Nadja Bender to star in the enchanting campaign. The greatest thing about it is that it does not feature a lot of bright details, yet somehow looks very impressive. I guess it is all due to the sophisticated touch that the photos are saturated with. And, of course, the model’s elegant charm also contributed to the ads a lot.

Solve Sundsbo lensed the Danish model and obviously enjoyed the work. And how could he possibly not? With such a talented stunner and such marvelous accessories there is no way any photographer would be upset.

I love all the pieces featured in the photoshoot. The watches, bracelets, and rings all look incredibly fascinating as they are designed in a very exquisite and delicate way. A single glance at the items makes it clear that only a truly aristocratic woman will be a perfect match for the collection. The accessories are offered in silver and gold, with a light touch of bronze. Check out the gallery to see the whole 2014 campaign of Gucci accessories!