History of Iconic 2.55 Chanel Bag

Every fashionista knows that 2.55 Chanel bag is an iconic piece. It costs a fortune but is definitely worth investing into, because carrying it shows the world that you are where you want to be in life.

2.55 Chanel bag was first created by a legendary designer Coco Chanel in February, 1955 (2.55 stands for the date the bag was introduced to the public). It looked pretty the same as it looks now – a quilted rectangular bag with a chain shoulder strap. It featured a cute Mademoiselle lock and Chanel logo which is overlapping C, one looking forward and another backwards (two Cs are Coco Chancel initials).

mischa barton chanel bag

Coco Chanel explained that she wanted no more clutches that she used to lose too often. So, the new bag was a brilliant creation that was comfortable to wear and pleasant to look at.

Each bag was hand-crafted by Coco’s skilled artisans. In the first year after the Chanel bag was presented to the public Coco had to decline numerous requests for the bags because her team couldn’t manufacture so many pieces no matter how hard they worked.

Chanel 2.55 bag

The first 2.55 Chanel bag was black because it was Coco Chanel’s favorite color, but soon other hues followed. Besides, bags started to be made of jersey, silk and even crocodile skin.

Chanel bags of today still exemplify Coco Chanel’s simple lines and functionality. They are a classic that will never go out of fashion.

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