Impressive Colors in Furla Candy Bag Collection

I’m not into plastic bags really but Candy bag collection from Furla has won my heart. I know it’s the colors that impressed me so much but probably the simple design also contributed a lot.

furla candy bag collection

The colors in Furla Candy bag collection are amazing: neon red, pink, green, lettuce green, blue and black. There is also a fully transparent piece for girls who want to flash the things they need to always have with them.

A handbag from Furla Candy bag collection can be a great item to stand out. Of course it can work as the finishing touches to your look but I believe it will better serve as the statement piece.


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  • Hi,
    I live in Brasil, and i want a bag candy bag by Furla. How can i get?

  • i wanted to know the price and how to buy the bag and does it come with the tag of authentication?

  • You should visit Furla website ( and contact with their team. They will answer all your questions.

  • i like and how many furla candy blue ?

  • how much furla bag i want to resell it