Prada Spring/Summer 2014 Jewelry Collection

Prada Spring/Summer 2014 Jewelry Collection
Prada Spring/Summer 2014 Jewelry Collection

If you stayed absolutely indifferent after reading the heading, something must be wrong with your perception. I apologize for such a mean assumption, but you will have exactly the same opinion when I elaborate on the logic behind this statement. I am pretty sure that every single lady aged in the 15-50 range is well aware of what Prada is. Unless you inhabit one of those deserted lands in Sub-Saharan desert, you are supposed to nod right now. And actually, in this world of globalization, we can assume that the bottom line for the age limit goes somewhere towards 10. For those women who don’t fall into the above category, the other key word should be familiar as well. Doesn’t your Granny love to share with you the numerous pieces from her antique jewelry collection? Men would also react to this post in a certain way: negatively, to be more precise. The reason is that these smart creatures know very well that after checking out such a wonderful collection, any woman will have a very determined idea on her mind. And who will be her target? Now that you caught up with my reasoning, it is quite the time to take a look at the marvelous jewelry collection by Prada.

Prada Jewels To Blind You: Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

Looking at these mind-blowing pieces, you can tell it is a spring collection. The color palette is so adorable and engaging, that I can feel my mouth watering and hands shivering in excitement. Green, turquoise, coral, burgundy, yellow, red, pink, light blue and orange are shades that have an ability to hypnotize you right away. I personally fall in love with items that feature unique design and great style, and Prada’s new collection definitely goes under this category.

Prada offers to forget about boring jewelry pieces and try out the new comers in a very engaging way. It is impossible not to fall for these breath-taking creations of the Italian fashion house. The Spring/Summer 2014 collection includes 12 bracelets of different width and design and four pairs of earrings so far. But I am very positive about the other pieces that are to come yet. Plus, these are not the bracelets in their classic understanding: Prada has created incredible cuffs and banlges that will match any of your outfits!

My favorite piece of this saucy line is a bracelet that features two hibiscus flowers in turquoise, coffee, yellow and coral. Although the flowers are not made out of the precious gemstones, the item is still very appealing. I like the color combination, as it immediately draws a pretty image in my mind, making connection to the bright sun and warm days.

A pair of earrings that will surely blow your mind deserves to be checked out. A myriad of tiny sparkling gemstones might blind your eyes for a second, but if you move your attention downward, you will spot a beautiful stone in coral framed by even more of the shining crystals. I bet this piece is quite heavy to wear around, but beauty always requires some sacrifice, doesn’t it?

Prada Spring/Summer 2014 Jewelry Collection offers beautiful items which are totally worth to be called masterpieces. If you were looking for some kind of inspiration to guide you through the following three months of frost and wind, this is your jackpot. Gold and palladium are the words that will definitely convince you to fall for these items. Take a look at all the pieces and may your weekend be as bright as Prada jewels!

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