The Cruz Sisters for Loewe Handbag Campaign

Loewe “Cruz Bag”

Loewe is super famous for its handbags. Adorable pieces always featuring impeccable styel, these bags are impossible to not get obsessed with. Once you look at them, you immediately join the club of anonymous fans of this brand. However, there is no need to hide this affection. Quite the contrary, shout it out! And who knows, maybe you will become the next one to collaborate with the label and produce a limited line of the bags. This time it was Penelopa and Monica Cruz who were lucky enough.

Penelopa Kruz & Monica kruz: Loewe New Handbag

Spanish fashion house knows for sure that such a talented family couldn’t come up with something unappealing and they were totally right. The bag that the sisters designed for the brand is absolutely amazing. It is called the Cruz Bag, and I assume there is no need to explain why.

We usually like the same things. When we do the design meetings separately, we tend to choose the same materials and colors.

What you will spot is not just a handbag. There are a lot of them. Well, I wouldn’t say that you can compare this amount to that of the outlet shop. Taking into account that the label teamed up with not just ordinary people, but the stars, this particular line is of a high value.

To be more presice, the bag is introduced in several color combinations and patterns, which means that we enjoy a lot of options. There is an elegant charcoal-bluish one that would fit in any outfit. Two variations in polca dot are also incredible. The turquoise one is more for the bold ladies who are not scared of experiments.

We wanted to do something special but also practical, and we wanted the design to have an unmistakable Spanish element…We wanted a bag that would be useful for women who need to carry many things and have them all to hand at the same time.

The beautiful sisters stun with their charm and enchanting looks. It is impossible to not fall for either the bags they are advertising or the ladies. The campaign appeared to be very dynamic and bright. I like how effortlessly the sisters pose, both alone and with each other. If you were looking for a decent bag to fool around with, this is it. It is a perfect hanbag to carry all the essential belongings around the city.