Wear Denim Like Never Before, Camille Seydoux Teams With Roger Vivier To Make Denim Glam Again

Camille Seydoux
Camille Seydoux

Celebrity stylist Camille Seydoux is releasing denim accessories to pair with your denim dressed and heels. Teaming with French brand Roger Vivier the famous stylist took on the latest trend with a creative approach. The line includes a bucket bag, a backpack, and a purse and three styles of shoes, two heeled designs and sneakers. The patchwork of three different toned denim fabrics makes up all the pieces in the collection.

Denim was a huge trend during Paris Fashion Week; it was all over the runways in unexpected ways. Instead of wearing jeans, it’s going to be about denim dresses, a pair of high heels, or denim detailing,” said the famous stylist.

Her accessories would be easy enough to wear with other clothes, bright or neutral. Seydoux herself showed a few ways to wear her styles as well as gave some advice on styling them.

Wear the backpack with a pretty dress or the Prismick purse with a tracksuit—denim goes with almost anything.

Seydoux wore her Prismick purse with a floral embellished Valentino dress and a bucket bag and sandals with light blue jeans and a white button shirt with a star print.

From the looks by Seydoux the accessories are really very wearable and versatile. What do you think?

Camille Seydoux x Roger Vivier sandal

Camille Seydoux x Roger Vivier purse

Camille Seydoux x Roger Vivier

Camille Seydoux