Alexander McQueen shoes – incredible

For Spring-Summer 2010 Alexander McQueen created footwear that is difficult to look at, not mentioning wearing it.

mcqueen shoes 1

I do love shoes but these seem to me just absolutely unwearable, even for catwalk models. As it was said they reach up to 12 inches!!!

I guess it is impossible to rock them without damaging your feet.

mcqueen shoes 2
Probably they look futuristic (ugly but futuristic) just like McQueen wanted but isn’t that too cruel to make beauties wear those even if they are paid for that?

mcqueen shoes 3

  • In my opinion it’s really easy to look at! I think the are incredible! The fitted the collection perfectly. They made the models look like animals. Loved it!

  • Lovely! Even though Mr. McQueen made a mess out of the ballet boots of the fetish community it’s extremely nice to see that its becoming mainstream!

  • I LOVE THEM!!! (especially the last two) didn’t Lady Gaga wear some just like the first ones for her “Bad Romance” video?

  • These are absolutely incredible. He was a true fashion visionary. If only I was lucky enough to own a pair. Love.

  • These are the ugliest fucking shoes ever created … why would anyone want to wear these ugly things ….. it makes me feel to throw up everytime i see one

  • 1. This is not beautiful at all!

    2. Fashion designers trying make something completely new, because without new forms new collection is can’t be remembered. That’s why sometimes (a lot of times) we are looking on something ugly and beastly things. Current shoes has no interesting form or proportions or style. This is just shit.

    3. People who like this shoes have no taste. They believe that everything that shows the fashion industry’s cool. They are wrong and I hate that fashion industry produces such monsters on the podium and around us.

  • First of all to all u haters i would love to see u do better! and second i love the ones witch seems to look like alien teeth so much detail beautiful work

  • You go fashion b****! These shoes are absolutely gorgeous. If you don’t like them then look up.

  • I can appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship of these shoes, but cannot say I find them beautiful. Interesting, unusual, yeah…but none of them are beautiful to me.