Dior Cruise 2014 Shoes

Dior Cruise 2014 Shoes
Dior Cruise 2014 Shoes

There can’t be too many pairs of shoes. No way. Even if you have a thousand of pairs, there still will be a single pair that would seem to be missing from your collection. And this is the way we, ladies, are constituted. It is impossible to fight the temptation to buy lovely pumps in beige or super hot sandals in burgundy. And it doesn’t really matter whether we can afford this extra purchase or not. Two weeks before the paycheck and you still have to pay for your apartment’s rent? Who cares? At least, when your landlord comes to pick the money, you have something on your feet. Something that can blow anyone’s mind and make them forgive all the debts. Take a look at the adorable collection of pumps by Dior and count your money.

6 Pairs of Magnificent Pumps: Dior Cruise 2014

Dior is well aware of our deadly affection. Which is exactly why the brand released such a wonderful line of footwear pieces. Six pairs of absolutely stunning pumps are not just mere shoes. These are the true masterpieces that deserve to be displayed at a museum. I would even set up a price for looking at them.

You will be totally overwhelmed by the astonishing design that the items feature. Adorable design is paired with perfect composition, great style and engaging color palette. Since it is the Cruise collection, Dior offers very bright shades. Forget about boring black and white – it is time for a firework. Delicious turquoise, navy blue, fuchsia pink, lust red and carrot orange make the line super shining. The best thing about the line is that all the pumps are pretty wearable – luckily, you won’t be shocked by any skyscraping heights.

Dior Cruise 2014 shoes are full of bright vigor and awesome style. Browse through the gallery and choose your favorite pair.

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